Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jeez, I have NEVER had so much trouble losing weight!

Though I hadn't mentioned it on the blog until a couple weeks ago, I actually started Weight Watchers on October 1, which is six weeks ago. I started off with a bang, which has since slowed to a trickle: in 6 weeks, I have lost just 4.6 pounds. The pathetic 0.2 pounds I lost this week isn't doing much to move me to my goal of 12 pounds in 12 weeks!

The good news is that I am slowly shrinking; the bad news is that the slow loss on the scale makes me want to quit working out - on the theory that I am losing bulky fat, but adding heavier, trimmer muscle. I know, I know - I should be looking at "size loss" rather than "weight loss", but I am so completely programmed to look for results on the scale that I get discouraged when I don't see 'em.

So I am venting, which always helps me to refocus and stick with it... but today it seems like an awful lot of work for a very small result (so far).

Better health news: For several years, our primary care physician has urged Odel and me to get colonoscopies. My response is always a shudder, an UGH, and another shudder. However, once Odel has Proton Beam Therapy (which begins tomorrow, 11/13, by the way), it would be a good idea NOT to have a colonoscopy for at least two years, and future colonoscopies could show abnormalities that are caused by the radiation treatment rather than colon cancer. It would be a good idea to know, pre-PBT, that his colon was cancer free. Consequently, he decided to make the commitment and have the procedure.

Yesterday was the day. I will spare you the photo (yes, you get two pictures to take home!) of his lovely, smooth, cancer-free colon, but we both were happy to learn than there were no further, unpleasant cancer surprises hidden away there. He set a good example - maybe I will follow it when we are back in Sacramento next spring. Shudder, UGH, shudder!


  1. Frank said the only bad part of the colonoscopy is the stuff you have to drink the night before. He didn't even know he HAD the colonoscopy. When I woke him up, he didn't think it had started yet. So - NO PAIN, just yucky stuff to drink. No pain except for when he walked headlong into the open car door when we went to a restaurant afterwards. You are somewhat woozy afterwards.


  2. I agree with the previous comment about the prep being the worst part of a colonoscopy. I've had 3 of them in the last 10 years and was always surprised to wake up to find it's over! Hopefully they will come up with a better prep in the future!

  3. No pain what so ever! They have greatly improved the prep too! It is actually a rather nice feeling to get "cleaned-out." (Seriously!) Not a bad weight loss

    Paul Weaver

  4. I have to laugh at your reaction to the "C" word, because that is exactly mine. Then when Brian turned 50 this year, I agreed to get one if he got one. Well, he got his last March and it was like Sidney said, not bad at all; but I still haven't mustered up the moxie to go...

  5. Hang in there Laurie! You know it's worth it...that's what I keep telling myself as my own loss has slowed down now, too.

    The WW 0 point soup used to help me break a plateau, and it's pretty good too, although I think you'd want more/different seasonings.

    As to the colonoscopy, the prep is the worst part, and it's not that bad. Once the whole thing was over I felt really good, (oh, maybe that was because of the meds)!


  6. What Sydney says! It is really just a nuisance thing - no pain. And you REALLY don't know it has happened when you wake up. And I had no residual feelings of any kind, even with a "snip" for a biopsy.

    I was able to load up at Sweet Tomatoes right afterwards. You'd probably choose Chopped, though! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  7. What's with this "wake up" thing? I certainly wasn't put to sleep. I got to watch the "TV" screen all the time. I agree that the crap you have to drink isn't very tasty and staying on the toilet isn't fun but the worst for me was afterwards with the pumped up guts. Until that "gas" finally dissapated I was not very comfortable.

  8. Hi Laurie, you can't keep weighing yourself and hope to see dramatic results every week. Try measuring yourself instead and see if you don't see results from "lost inches", that should perk you up!

    As for the colonoscopy, the night before is the worst part about it, the procedure itself is painless, so nothing to worry about, GET IT DONE!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron