Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Finally, I did something else that should be done regularly - but I rarely do it. I changed passwords on my most important online accounts: Google, Yahoo, and our three bank accounts. Roboform, which I have raved about before, made this easy by generating and saving new, hard-to-hack, passwords.

I know there are free software packages to help manage logins/passwords, but I have never investigated them nor regretted the money we spent on Roboform. It saves, for one click retrieval (eliminating the possibility of keystroke logging by spyware), all of our logins/passwords, the secret security questions/answers I would never remember otherwise… even our address and credit card information for automatic, password protected, one-click completion of billing and shipping information when ordering online. How did we ever live without it?? I backup our Roboform files weekly, too.

It would be a huge hassle if we lost our laptop, or an online account was hacked, but I feel like I've done everything I can to lessen the likelihood and the impact. If this can give any of you a nudge in the same direction, go for it!

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