Wednesday, November 19, 2008


First, following Millionaire Mommy's advice, I learned to set up a new Google account, a backup to our existing account. I used this blog site for instruction on what to do.

I gave it “administrative rights” to Semi-True Tales and We Called It Home. If our primary Google account has any problems, I can use this new backup account to post to and edit both blogs.

A copy of every email sent to our primary Gmail (Google) account now goes automatically to the Gmail inbox of the new backup account (the setup for this was simple). If we lose access to our primary account, we can switch to the new backup account without losing our current email conversations.

I exported a copy of our Gmail Contacts, saving all the information in a file on our laptop, to be backed up to our external hard drive monthly - saved in the event that we need to reload these addresses in the future.

Then I went to work backing up the blogs. Interested? Keep reading...

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