Thursday, October 11, 2007


Awesome! That is the perfect description of the scenery we saw yesterday as we drove from Madras, Oregon, to Summer Lake Hot Springs. The road we traveled, Oregon Highway 31, is a National Scenic Byway, the Oregon Outback; it definitely lives up to its name.

This spot is so remote, I can't believe I will be able to post this but, it you are reading it, our Verizon aircard is a miracle worker. We are at about 4,200 ft. elevation; as I write this, I am looking out the window to "Winter Ridge", which has snow on its upper reaches.

The hot springs here has a long history of "development" and use, beginning with hollowed out logs as bathtubs (one is still on display by the bath house).

The current setup consists of a 30' by 50' concrete pool, about 4 feet deep, with a constant inflow of hot mineral water. It is sheltered by a ramshackle wood and metal "bathhouse" that protects bathers from the wind, rain, snow - great, rustic ambiance. The hot springs is the sole reason for the existance of this little development: RV park, 3 geothermally heated cabins, a home for the owners (or managers). There were two other RV's here last night besides us, and a couple of tents.

We have a hike planned today, with another long soak this afternoon, then another drive tomorrow... slowly heading to Sacramento for our fall visit.

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  1. That picture of the clouds looks like a giant dust storm coming. It's probably rain, though. It sounds like you are having a great time, a hot tub soak sounds real good about now.

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron