Saturday, October 13, 2007


I wish I could edit out the smashed bugs and other junk in this photo (taken through Scoopy's windshield) - but I wanted to post it in spite of the flaws. Mt. Shasta was the centerpiece of our drive south on Highway 97 between Klamath Falls, OR and Weed, CA. What a beautiful sight, covered with fresh snow from the last week's storms. All of the volcanos of the Cascade range are spectacular, but especially Mt. Shasta because the roads (both Hwy 97 and Interstate 5) pass so near the mountain. It surely was a standout!

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  1. What a Beautiful picture!! I like to make some of your blog pictures my desktop background here at work. Right now I have Luna and the deer and this pic of Mt Shasta is soo gorgeous I'm going to use it in December-- I'm just not ready for snow yet; you're leaving it, we're getting ready for it!