Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Odel and I just returned from Costco, our local entertainment. While there, we noticed that many Sacramentans dress in costume for Halloween. Not just Costco staff - there were lots of shoppers in costume (presumably), and even people out on the street.

I noticed that Odel was wearing black pants and a rusty-orange shirt. He is going to meet his friend Bill for lunch today, so I asked if he wanted to borrow an item of mine that would make a nice Halloween costume for him.

He didn't want a costume, but did agree to model this unusual Headress for you readers. Wouldn't this be a great costume for him? I could wrap hs wrists/forearms in leather; he could carry his walking stick and wear a toga-style tablecloth as a manly Aztec skirt... Oh, too bad we aren't going to a party tonight!

Anyway, cool hat, huh? Came from San Angelo, Texas - I am fairly certain it is one of a kind. Lucky for them, I came along.

We've been in the Sacramento area for two weeks now; it seems like a month as we have been so busy. Buying Jules 2 was a time-consuming event, and now we need to get her wired and rigged for towing.

Since we've been here, our water pump (only needed when drycamping) went out, so we removed that and sent it (under warranty) back to the factory. Some of the RV-specific lighting pooped out, so we are working on replacing that. How nice that these things happened while we are stationary, since we need to be able to receive shipped goods, logistically difficult when we are traveling.

We've had lab tests done, and our annual physicals. We've seen a movie! (Michael Clayton, which we thought was excellent.) We've socialized, and walked the familiar bike trail every day. It is our usual busy Sacramento visit - lots to do, but not much to blog about, so don't look for much action here until after Thanksgiving. Happy Halloween!


  1. Odel, you look SO PATIENT!!!!!!! We think you look marvelous, tho, very distinguished!!!!!

  2. I just have one question- is that one hat or two?? Odel you are a very brave man- Laurie- Odel must really LOVE YOU!!!! You do look adorable tho.

  3. Odel, you look like you should be on the wrestling channel! Can I be your tag team partner?