Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the "art" we encountered in Baker City. Now that several of you have made your guesses...

Yes, it is "Salt Lick Art"!

Sorry this poster is not more clear (I shot through glass), so I have included a few links to view - it is a great story and fundraising idea.

Here is my favorite part, the rules. I added my own emphasis:

"All entries must be salt blocks licked by cows or other livestock. Range blocks licked by wildlife will also be permitted. Blocks licked by humans will not be permitted. Licks may also be subject to DNA testing. Blocks with human DNA will be eliminated and offenders banned from future contests.

"All entries must be submitted by October 3. No more than 2 entries per person. Judging committee will judge blocks for originality and artistic flair. All different types of blocks are eligible (mineral, selenium etc.) Blocks only. Drawings, photos, paintings of sculpted blocks will not be accepted. Cows caught using steroids will be canned."

Check out these links:

The Official Site for the Salt Lick Contest, Salt Like City

The Official Gallery of Salt Lick Art, ready to auction

Front page story in Portland's newspaper, the Oregonian, about the licks.

We found the whole thing fun and funny, and it added to our good feelings about Baker City.

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