Saturday, July 10, 2010


Bisbee Panorama Anyone who has read this blog for long knows how much we love Bisbee, Arizona, a tiny town in southern Arizona.  We go for the galleries, the views, the hiking, the birding… and to visit my sister Sydney and brother-in-law Frank.  Sydney is a painter; Frank is a photographer.  There is a lot of creative energy in Bisbee, and we feel renewed after spending time there.

When we first visited them, we spent a few days dry camping in their driveway in our 38’ motorhome.  On subsequent visits, wanting to stay in the area longer, we alternated between the RV park at Turquoise Valley Golf Course (great rates, and a beautiful course) and Queen Mine RV Park, perched on the side of the old copper pit mine within an easy walk of downtown. 

View out the living room window. We’ve used Bisbee as a base to explore all of Cochise County:  Chiricahua National Monument, Kartchner Caverns State Park, hiking and bird watching in Ramsey Canyon, Tombstone, Cochise Stronghold, Ft. Huachuca, viewing the Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw.

Too bad for us – Sydney and Frank are selling their home, with its beautiful sweeping view down the hill towards San Jose peak (in Mexico).   It’s on the southern flank of the Mule Mountains, about 10 minutes from historic downtown Bisbee, 10 minutes from Turquoise Valley Golf Course (and RV park), and 30 minutes from the nearest large town, Sierra Vista.

Sydney and Frank upgraded much of the house since they moved in several years ago, added a front deck and planted beautiful, drought tolerant gardens.  Deer and javelina are frequent visitors.  I know that many of you readers are selling your OWN homes to begin your fulltiming life… but if you or anyone you know is interested in a home (or home base) in Bisbee, click here for photos and more information.   We will sure miss the great views, great company, and great meals when they move on!  But maybe we could come and visit you?  :)


  1. Frank and Sydney certainly have a beautiful home.
    We certainly wish them well in the sell of their home. I know you all will really miss going to your favorite place to visit. Maybe you can find a new favorite place. :)
    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. John and I love Bisbee. We spent lots of time there when we lived in Tucson. We stayed at the Queen Mine RV park each time. Did you know Stan? The former owner. We miss him. Wish we were looking for a place down there. Sydney and Frank's place sounds great.

  3. Yes, Levonne, we did know Stan. We were always amazed by how the RV park seemed to manage itself, with just a noon time visit from Stan... at least until he got too ill and had onsite managers. It is remarkable what a lovely little park he made from that slab of rock! We miss him, too.

  4. Haven't been to Bisbee in 15 years..God, we ARE getting old! We loved it too. Always thought we would get back...but haven't yet...Thanks for reminding us of that wonderful Arizona area!!

  5. Dennis and Donna: "God, we ARE getting old!" He, he - you don't know how many times we say that same thing. So many places we think we will get back to - yet so many we haven't yet seen. Bisbee is a treasure.