Saturday, July 3, 2010


Summer flowers in Montague In our travels, we’ve found two RV parks where I would be very happy to spend a month in summer: Valley Mobile Park in Buena Vista, Colorado (click here to read our review) and Trailway Campground in Montague, Michigan (click here to read our review).  These two parks aren’t the best we have ever visited, but both have a combination of amenities that click:

Reasonably roomy, level sites with trees, flowers and grass.  No “destination” amenities, no playground or kids programs, so no particular attraction for camping families.  Mellow but attentive management.  Located in a beautiful area with great recreational opportunities.  Near (or in) an interesting small town with an emphasis on local shopping and services, and environmental awareness.  A farmer’s market.

Waters of Grand Traverse Bay I would have been happy to stay in Montague another week, but the Independence Day weekend was looming and every camping family in the U.S. was about to hit the road to celebrate the three-day, action-packed holiday weekend.  As we pulled out, half the rigs at Trailway were preparing for departure, clearing out of the spaces reserved months (or longer) ago by farsighted campers.

Finding an uncrowded campground on a three-day summer holiday is miraculous, but we did it: Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds RV park (click here to read our review).  Fewer than 10 miles south of Traverse City, the 100+ site campground is so under-advertised as to be almost unknown.  We arrived to find great hosts, plenty of space (around 20 of the spaces were occupied), and – best of all – Boomer friends!

Locally made Moomers ice cream: double chocolate with locally grown cherries. There is a lot happening in Traverse City this weekend: the week-long Cherry Festival starts today (cherry orchards blanket the hills here the way vineyards blanket the land in the Napa Valley), the Blue Angels perform today and tomorrow over Grand Traverse Bay, and, of course, fireworks.  We’ve been our exploring, and have tickets today for a performance of The Capitol Steps at nearby Interlochen Center for the Arts.  Our summer is in full swing!

Happy Independence Day, everyone, and safe travels.



  1. That sounds so nice, the Blue Angels and fireworks! Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Sounds like a great place to spend the 4th of July!! Enjoy all the festivities!!
    Happy 4th of July!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Hmmm..Sounds like Michigan may be in my future for next summer. :) Enjoy!

  4. I just want some of that ice cream you had in that last picture..Thanks for the campground reviews...that is always helpful. We have been to the UP of Michigan, but didn't have a camper back then...Enjoy your blog...

  5. David and I are enjoying following your blog since we are home right now in Upstate, New York. We did manage however to get all 4 kitties in the rv (sitting in our driveway) for two days. We haven't tried nights yet. We're working up to that. Cross your fingers. When, and I mean when and not if, the kitties get used to the rv, we will have so much more freedom to travel when ever and where ever we want. Can't wait!

    Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July! Sounds like a great place to be for the festivities.

  6. That is some great bowl of ice cream there. Yum. I am having dessert only once this week. It is due in a day or two. Guess I'll start planning. Enjoy your 4th in Michigan. The Camp Host Housewife

  7. I LOVE the Capitol Steps. We have several of their cds. We always come away laughing and shaking our heads at our politicians. I would love to tell a 'Lirty Dies' story of my own, but don't quite have that knack. I get more frequent political giggles from the Daily Show. Love it.

  8. Isn't that a great town? If you get a chance, check out the new library, Jo did the furniture.

  9. I've been following your blog and campground reviews for awhile and love all the info you give on the places you go. In your campground reviews I especially love how you give the local NPR station as that is the one we listen to the most. We start traveling this fall and I know I will be referring to your blog as we go - thanks!