Saturday, September 19, 2009


Site 10 Florence Elks RV Park

Before I forget: yes, my back is fine and yes, Odel’s earache is gone.  We don’t know if the garlic cured the earache, but after three days and four cloves of garlic, Odel was healed.  He really enjoyed wearing a clove of garlic and a Band-Aid!

Yesterday we moved a whopping 61 miles up the coast to Florence, Oregon.  We had a reservation at an Elks RV Park owned by the Florence Elks Lodge (click here to read our review and see other photos), highly recommended by other traveling Elks.  WOW! 

This is one of the prettiest places we have stayed along the coast, with spacious sites and beautiful landscaping – just the right combination of trees and open space.  It didn’t take us much time at all to extend our reservation for another four days, until we head back south a whopping 31 miles to our next stop in Winchester Bay.

Crashing waves near Sunset Bay Our last couple of days at Oceanside RV Park in Charleston, Oregon, were gorgeous - it takes mighty self-control not to subject you to the multitudes of photos I took as we walked the beach and hiked the bluffs: lighthouse shots, harbor seals, twenty different angles of wave action, endless interesting rock formations.  This photo is typical of the sights along the bluff top hike at Sunset Bay State Park, one of the reasons we return to the tiny town of Charleston whenever we travel the Oregon coast.

Our weather has been mostly good – two or three days of brilliant sunshine followed by a day of rain, very mild.  After yesterday’s excellent traveling weather, today is the rain day.  Odel has the TV on, alternating between golf and college football.  I baked some scones for breakfast and settled down to attend to the computer – emails, finances, and computer cleanup/maintenance, my most dreaded (and frequently postponed) chore.   I need these wet days now and then to catch up.

Everyone liked the dahlia photo so much - so here is one more.  At the urging of several friends, I took a step forward in online technology recently: I joined Facebook.  I’ve strongly resisted the idea, feeling it would lead to even MORE time in front of the computer – and who wants that?  But with the days becoming shorter quickly now, I was ready for something new to learn.

Though I’m still often confused and sometimes wonder what the heck I just “shared” – or who I shared it with -  it seems to be a quick and fun way for full-time RV’ers to keep track of our far flung friends.  It might actually turn out to be a time saver (novel concept when applied to computing!), eliminating lots of more time-consuming email traffic.   So far… I like it.  If you use Facebook and would like to contact me, I’ve added a Facebook “badge” to the left column of the blog (way, way down, past the topic labels).


  1. Love your Oregon accounts and pictures. We had planned originally to drive the Oregon coast south but decided against it for a variety of reasons -- now I sort of wish we hadn't changed our plans! I love that area! And I might have known you'd figure out Facebook pretty quickly -- I'd never figured out the whole "badge" thing but you motivated me to add one to our journal. Thanks!