Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Dahlias!  Glorious dahlias!  They thrive in western Oregon, and late summer is their season.  We saw them at their peak today at Shore Acres State Park, one of Oregon’s interesting and beautiful day use areas.  Even Odel was captivated!Dahlias blooming at Shore Acres State Park

By the time we arrived at Shore Acres, our day was half over and we were almost jaded by the gorgeous sites we had seen.  We got a late start, driving south from Oceanside RV Park (click here to see our review and see photos) to Seven Devils State Recreation Site, a remote (and therefore free) day use park with access to miles of clean, level, fine-grained beach.  We walked and walked and walked some more, seduced by the waves and the weather.  Back at the parking lot, we picked out a picnic table and enjoyed our peanut butter and jelly watching the waves, the birds, and a handful of people and their dogs enjoying the day.

Driftwood on the beach at Seven Devils Our picnic site at Seven Devils State Recreation Area

Alto trailer, a pop-up teardrop manufactured in Canada

Besides the dahlias, we saw another noteworthy sight at Shore Acres – this unique pop-up teardrop trailer.  It is called an Alto, and is a new design manufactured in Canada by a company that makes Class B campers, Safari Condos.

In this picture, the top is extended, exposing the arched, tinted windows on the sides and a good sized window on the flat back of the trailer.  For travel, the top of the trailer retracts (electronically) down into the body, so the trailer is much more aerodynamic.

We liked it so well that we looked up information on the web when were got home; it has an interior very similar to a Class B (van) camper, but a little more roomy – including a cute kitchen, a toilet and a makeshift shower.  Here is a link to their PDF brochure describing the materials, the floor plan, and the optional accessories.  Not for full timing, but what a great way to vacation!


  1. What I loved most about Seven Devils Wayside was the lack of people! It was totally empty when we were there on Memorial Day weekend, and the sand is "firm" for walking as well.

  2. oops, guess we were there in June. The only way I remember what I have been doing is to read my blog! LOL

  3. Ha, ha, Sue! I spent about an hour on a recent rainy evening reviewing blog entries from prior travels, and it occurred to me that the BEST reason to blog is so you can read about your past travels! I've always kept a written log, but nothing beats reviewing the photos and stories of past travel highlights or oddities. Wish I had started sooner!

  4. Where did you purchase your Alto? What are the positives and are there an negatives. It looks totally wonderful!

  5. Hi, Anonymous. That isn't our Alto, just included it in the blog because we thought it was so cute. It sure does look wonderful, doesn't it? I would love to have it as a vacation rig if/when Odel and I have to give up the FT life. It was totally cool. BTW, it is Canadian.