Sunday, September 6, 2009


A big smile from Odel

Thanks to the continuing recovery of my Dad, we are hitting the road for another six weeks – and we are happy, happy, happy. :) 

Departing Napa on Tuesday, we’re going to travel up Hwy 101 to the Eureka/Arcata area, chasing cooler weather.  We don’t know what our schedule will be but, when we get tired of fog and gloom – and you know we will - we’ll work our way up the coast into Oregon, then eastward.  If the weather cooperates, we might swing through Bend, then travel over to Hwy 395 to head back south to Sacramento (our usual stop for the month of November).  We’ve never travelled that route (395 north of Reno), and it is always fun to see new territory.

We’ve done much more “sitting” during the past year than is usual for us: 3 months in Loma Linda last winter; 2 months in Hood River, Oregon, this summer; and we’ve been in/around Sacramento for the past month.  It’s good for the budget – we’ve spent WAY less for diesel fuel than usual – but we’re glad we are able to fit in another little adventure before summer ends.

River Pointe Vacation Rentals, time share park models in Napa, California

Here is one more photo to share with you from our stay here in Napa.  Each time we walk on the river front trail behind the Elks Club, we pass this small enclave of matching, brightly painted park models (larger than an RV, smaller than a mobile home).  This used to be a mobile home park, but all the homes were carted off and replaced with these little park models – which are TIME SHARES!  There must be at least 100 units, some joined by a wooden deck to create 2-bedroom units.  The complex has a small swimming pool and a large clubhouse, lots of trees, a few shared BBQ areas.  It is quite cute, really – though perhaps more appealing to an RV’er than to your typical time share owner.  :)  I really got a kick out of it.

Happy Labor Day, everyone.


  1. Glad to hear you will be back on the road again! Any ideas where you will spend the winter? We'll be in and around Quartzsite, Yuma, Laughlin, southern California.....hope we can meet you somewhere. Bobbie

  2. Glad your Dad is doing better. I know you all are glad to be back on the road. Have fun and travel safe.

  3. Great to hear you Dad is doing better and that you can take to the road again. Don't know if you are aware that there are rv sites in the Fairgrounds of Eureka, CA. Also we just came down 395 north of Reno and check my latest blog entry for a park you both might have some interest in. Sharon and Allan

  4. So glad to hear your dad is doing so well... I bet you’re excited about being able to get back on the road again. Odel looks so happy in his picture... and the little park models are so darn cute... What a great idea!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe