Friday, February 13, 2009


Huh. I see it has been several days since my last post, and I wonder... where has the week gone??

We woke up to a white world on Tuesday, about an inch of snow on the ground at Rosanna's. Auntie Carol and I spent most of the day inside, working on a jigsaw puzzle while Rosanna learned to make videos with her new camera. We then spent quite awhile learning to upload a video to her Google album so she could share it with family via email - and had a lot of laughs doing it.

Wednesday was moving day, from Rosanna's to Bisbee. It is a short drive, about an hour, so we stopped off to visit Jeanie and Ray and help them program their new Pressure Pro Tire Monitors - which we had just learned to do ourselves a few weeks ago. Jeanie and Ray are heading out on a trip while The Bayfield Bunch (Al and Kelly) looks after the livestock - a job we did a couple years ago (before we began the blog). The mix of animals has changed, but the job remains the same... and it is a wonderful place to spend several weeks exploring the rich history and geography of Cochise County.

By mid-afternoon, we were deployed in Bisbee at Queen Mine RV Park, in our usual site. Frank was in Tucson, but Sydney invited us over for dinner and a visit. Pizza, salad and our first extended viewing of Lucy Lu (her name might have changed by now), the new kitten. What a warm welcome back to Bisbee.

Because we have spent so much time in Bisbee, and because we have family and friends here, we don't look at it through the eyes of "explorers" any longer. We have our favorite RV sites, our favorite restaurants, favorite walks, hikes and shops. It was especially fun for me to read the Bayfield Bunch's description of their visit to Bisbee and relive the sensation of exploring this quirky little town for the first time.

Yesterday, while Odel played golf, I caught up with all the snail mail that had been forwarded to us while we were at Rosanna's. Odel's medical "bills" (reports from Medicare and Blue Cross showing how much they paid for the bills received so far), lots of tax reporting forms, bank statements, credit card bills... it went on and on. Getting the mail isn't as fun as it used to be!

And now, here it is, Friday already. We started our day off right - breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, just around the other side of the big mine pit from the RV park. (That's Odel heading towards the door in the top photo.) This popular spot is usually packed, and today was no different. Here's my plate of Huevos Rancheros - yummmmmmmmy.

Our social schedule is filling up. Odel is playing pool with Frank and Ron this afternoon, while I take the hoops over to Sydney's where I can hoop on a smooth surface. Sydney is fixing dinner for us again tonight (THANK YOU!). Tomorrow we are going to Sierra Vista for lunch with our friends Judie and Gary, and some hikes are in the works. Later...

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  1. Laurie, I can see we will be adding the BBC to our "must do" list. That breaky looks great !
    We have also decided to do the mine tour. Rene mentioned going to see Belle Star..(Donkey sanctuary) are you familiar with her? Have a great Saturday....still looking forward to meeting you two at some point..Kelly ( 3 dog mamma )