Thursday, February 19, 2009


If your RV refrigerator ever poops out in the vicinity of Tucson, AZ, we know just the place to go! Even as I write, I hear the happy sound of ice cubes popping out of the ice maker into the ice tray. YAY!

Rick and Tena own Trailer Refrigeration, Inc. (520/573-0483). We had a good feeling about them when we talked on the phone last week when our Norcold refrigerator quit cooling - and our experience with them today was worth a rave.

Trailer Refrigeration is located in a small, very unimposing building in an industrial area not far from Beaudry's RV (to read about THAT experience, click here and here). We arrived yesterday afternoon to find the place locked up tight so set up for the night (dwarfing the building), which passed quietly once all the workers had gone home.

Rick showed up early this morning and got right to work. Since space would be tight, we fixed up a cozy spot for Luna in the bedroom (SO nice when we can leave her in the rig!) and got out of the way, heading off to do a few errands.

When we came back with a washer for the ice-maker hose, Rick had the refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen and showed us several minor problems with the prior installation that he intended to fix. He really impressed us as one of those difficult-to-find guys who knows his business, takes pride in his work, and would take the time to Do It Right - even when WE wouldn't know the difference.

Feeling that everything was progressing as it should without us hovering about, we headed off for a hike in the east unit of Saguaro National Park. We had never been there before, and today was a PERFECT day for hiking - sunny, calm, low 70's. We hiked for a couple of hours, drove the Cactus Forest Loop road, and headed back to Scoopy after a late lunch.

Rick was all done and the refrigerator was cooling. While Odel took care of the bill, I got Scoopy ready to roll. We wanted to stay in the area for another night to make sure the refrigerator cooled as it should and Rick offered their parking lot again, but we were longing for a bit more space and better views, and a spot where Luna could get out and roam. We drove about 10 miles to the Pima County Fairgrounds (read our review and see photos here) where we settled into one of their many sites - with PLENTY of room for us all to enjoy the fine afternoon.

Now, as we check the thermometer in the refrigerator every 30 minutes or so, all seems to be going well. Trailer Refrigeration did exactly what they said they would, when they said they would. The job was completed when they promised it, for exactly the price they quoted. That seems so rare these days! Outstanding, Rick.

Tomorrow, a trip to the grocery store!

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  1. YIPEEEEEE -- Paws and Hooves will be ready and waiting for your return tomorrow!!!!!!!