Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We have ALL enjoyed our stay here at Catalina State Park. Luna thinks the mixture of dirt, dust and dried bits of twigs and grass is the perfect "dry bath".

Since she goes through this routine 3 or 4 times a day, we completely gave up any attempt to keep her clean and keep the dirt outside - her technique effectively fills her entire, thick coat of fur with dust and dirt. As soon as we wipe the top layer of fur clean (-ish, just clean-ish) with a damp cloth, she gives a quick shake to renew the dusty sheen from deep storage. She can hold several layers of dirt in her coat - quite remarkable.

We've had a simple routine here: arise late (around 8 am), deal with Luna and have a little breakfast, take a hike, do a little shopping (groceries or???); lunch, at home or out, with friends or not; lots of relaxing; a little hooping for me; dinner... Odel played golf one day, and we cut each other's hair this afternoon. Plenty of time for relaxation and enjoyment of the wonderful weather we have experienced here.

The big news has been the State of Arizona's consideration of their budget problems and how to deal with them. We heard from the staff here that fifteen state parks were on the "potential closure" list - but have since learned that the number is 5 to 8. The hearing was supposed to be yesterday, but was delayed to the end of the month to try to find an alternative.

Fortunately, Catalina State Park is NOT on the list - good, because the campground has been FULL every night we have been here, often filling by early afternoon. Tucson's annual gem and mineral show is underway (and the campground was full by noon today), so I assume that accounts for the crowd - but maybe it is simply snowbird season at a great state park near an enjoyable urban area.

Well, they will have an empty space tomorrow morning, as we head off to Rosanna's ranch in Sunizona, AZ for the next week. Cochise County, here we come.


  1. YIPEEEEEEEEE -- Can't wait!

  2. I can't get over what an awesome traveler Luna is. Does she never run off?!! I'm not sure our cat would be such a good traveler. :)