Friday, October 17, 2008


I have a fun assignment for a few nights: cat-sitting Frisco. Frisco belongs to my sister Sydney and her husband Frank, who are off on a short vacation. He's an extremely people-oriented cat, and they don't like to leave him home alone day after day (tends to shred the toilet paper, etc.), so I am filling in.

They left yesterday morning. When I arrived around 7 pm, it was dark and it took awhile for me to find the keyhole and get the door unlocked. Desperate conversation came from the other side of the while I worked on the lock: Meow, meow... I've been alone all day, meow, meow... I'm sure it was a mistake, meow, meow... they must have forgotten me, meow, meow, meow... whoever you are, hurry up and open the door, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW!

As usual, Frisco was eager to touch noses, drink out of my glass, fetch mousies, play, and purr. We watched a movie together and had a great evening. Tonight is more of the same.

This is the view from their front window, where Frisco likes to sit and watch the birds. The quail started their burbling, bubbling calls as soon as dawn broke, so Frisco and I got up together to watch the sky brighten.

I realized last night that it was the first night I have spent out of the motorhome alone since we began our travels April 1, 2003! I've taken a few trips with my girlfriends during that time, but a solo night was a first. Lucky Frisco is such a good companion!

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