Thursday, October 9, 2008


This lovely photo of Williams Lake, north of Taos, NM, has absolutely nothing to do with today's blog, but wouldn't it be great to be there??

We have had a VERY busy couple of days, so busy I haven't had time to keep up with the blog. Today brought even more big news.

At the beginning of the month, I wrote that Odel had decided on Proton Beam Therapy as his treatment of choice for his prostate cancer. A few days ago, we got great news: our medical insurance will pay for the treatments. With that confirmed, Odel's "intake" appointment was scheduled for 12/23, with 9 weeks of treatments to follow, at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) in southern California.

Today, hiking along the US/Mexico border in a remote national wildlife refuge that felt like the middle of nowhere, Odel's phone rang. It was our contact at LLUMC, calling to tell us they had an earlier opening and offered us a starting date of 10/27 - 18 days from now! We took it.

The good news is that Odel's treatments will begin two months earlier than we had anticipated - a very good thing. The bad news is that lots of fun plans in the works will have to be scrapped... but it is a trade-off we choose to make.

So, we'll continue to enjoy Bisbee until 10/19, then we're off to something completely different!


  1. What great news for Odel! One of the best things about traveling by RV is the flexibility of your travel plans. Enjoy the journey to California.

  2. Terrific news!! Earlier is better than later in this case. Enjoy reading your blog daily. Bobbie

  3. That is good news. You'll be all done for the new year! We wish you well...
    donna and brian

  4. Excellent news!! That is why our plans are always made in "jello" Good luck with the treatment and travel safe!
    Cathy Robnik

  5. That sounds like very good news. Our thoughts are with you and our best wishes for a speedy treatment and recovery.

    There are worse things than spending 9 weeks in southern California at this time of year. I know you had other fun things planned, but knowing you both, I'm confident you will find fun things to do there too.

    Enjoy Bisbee, then safe travels.


  6. That is indeed, good news. Hugs to both of you, travel safe. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!


  7. Just want to wish you both well, and let you know I am so happy that this is moving forward quickly. What a bright spot you are in this world, Odel! I love how Laurie catches your big smiles in your photos. Keep smiling!