Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We're here, set up for the next couple of months at Mission RV Park. It is better than I expected in all ways! This photo (taken just before sunset) doesn't convey well the feel of the park: quiet and well managed. There are patches of grass and look, we have trees - even palm trees!

Although the park roads and sites are narrow, they are no worse than usual for a commercial park. We have 75 cable TV channels, 3 (or more) NPR stations, and the Verizon aircard works. A clean dumpster is nearby, and washing of cars and rigs is allowed. Our patio is shaded in the afternoon. A bus stops right outside our park that goes to LLUMC - $0.55 for Odel, $1.35 for me (being under age 62 is hell).

Most surprising, and something that makes me incredibly happy: there are no bright lights shining in our bedroom windows! I am sitting on the bed as I write this, with the windows open. Though I can hear traffic sounds in the background (not too terribly loud), I also can hear crickets... not was quiet as the boondocks of southern Arizona, but much quieter and darker than I had anticipated.

We arrived at 11 am and did a "full deployment", setting up to stay awhile. The tires are covered, the front seats are turned around for guests, the "grass" is down on the patio and Luna's table and crate are set up. Our outdoor chairs are in relaxing position.

Once that was done, we visited AAA for 5 detailed area maps, drove by Trader Joe's to see where it is, drove by the building where the Weight Watchers meetings are held, drove by LLUMC, and drove to Costco where we picked up a few goodies. All of these places are within a 5 mile radius of our RV park.

Back home, I downloaded the bus route and schedule - looks like a 15 minute ride to LLUMC. Our first meeting (patient orientation) is at 9:30 tomorrow morning, and we plan to ride the bus. Parking at LLUMC looked very crowded, so we are hoping the bus is a viable alternative.

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  1. It's so wonderful that you can conveniently live in your own "home" while you go through this. Seems like that would be really helpful in the healing process...rather than being in a hotel. I'm sure the area has changed alot in 30 years since I was there. I remember riding my bike a lot!