Wednesday, January 30, 2008


On Monday, the day we planned to leave Quartzsite, the forecast for the California desert regions included a Severe Wind Advisory (gusts to 50 mph), and the lingering effects (rain and wind) of the recent storms were still being felt in Aguanga, California, our destination.

The portion of I-10 we planned to travel goes through a pass north of Palm Springs that is lined with HUGE wind turbines on both sides, a clue that there is usually wind through there on even a mild day. Since we still had a couple of days supply of water left in our tank (!), we decided to delay our departure until the weather cleared up.

Tuesday was perfect for traveling! Sunshine, no rain, no wind... well, a bit gusty through the pass. Don't these mountains look great with their fresh layer of snow?

The last 15 miles of our route were on a narrow, curving rural road - many 25 miles per hour curves, with climbs and descents. Several places were marked with yellow caution signs that said "Flooded". The water was gone, and mud had been freshly bulldozed to the sides of the road - obvious signs of the recent storms.

Jojoba Hills SKP Park is one of our favorites, and we are settled into a huge, beautiful site for the next 7 days. On the map we received at checkin, we found an advertisement for a mobile RV detailer. Odel has been unhappy with the finish on the exterior of Scoopy for awhile... at 9 am this morning, he was on the phone and at 10 am this morning, a detailer was on the roof, beginning a thorough washing (see photo).

By 3 pm, Scoopy was washed, waxed, polished and gleaming. I was so inspired that I washed the insides of the windows; the detailer did the outside. WOW! We both are thrilled with the result - money very well spent.

We walked all around the park reaquainting ourselves with the layout and amenities. Even though I don't swim for enjoyment, I am always attracted to the pool here, with its beautiful view and surroundings. Maybe I'll at least sit in the hot tub one day!

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  1. Hi- Those mountains are beautiful, but you know, we've had about 60" of snow in the last 2 months and last week there was a 50 degree drop in temp in a 24 hr period ( and yes, that puts us below zero), so I would really like to see a picture of sunshine, heat, people in shorts, sweating because somewhere it's WARM!!! Just kidding! I love all your pictures!