Monday, January 14, 2008


Wow, it's been four days since my last posting! That's what happens when we stay in one place for so long... we relax into a comfortable routine with little "excitement" to blog.

Every day includes a walk/hike in the desert. We usually head out together, but yesterday was a little different. I wanted to spend half a day on motorhome maintenance - on the inside. I need to get on this before we do our 4-5 mile walk, as all my resolve evaoporates out on the trail.

That was Odel's cue to head out for a hike on his own, as it is way easier for me to vacuum, dust, polish and wax when he and Luna are outside. Besides, it is difficult for him to relax on the couch when it is stacked with rugs and side tables.

By the time he returned, my chores were done - including one I rarely do, waxing our wood cabinets. One of the things I love about the interior of Scoopy is the beauty of the cabinets and trim, but the lack of humidity here in the southwest takes a toll. I can't possibly wax all the wood at once, but I managed to get about a third of it done yesterday, concentrating on the most needy items.

Odel flopped down on the couch and took the remote in hand for some serious football viewing; I took the GPS and headed out to find a couple of geocaches. Odel will go with me on geocaching jaunts, but his purpose on the trail is exercise, not finding hidden "treasures", so we usually move right along.

Yesterday, out in the desert alone on a perfect day (sunny, 60's, a slight breeze), I moved at a slow pace, stopping to take photos and examine plants, rocks, and views of interest. I found the caches and exchanged some trinkets; I sat near an abandoned mine on a hilltop and ate my snack, soaking up the sunshine.

I took this picture at my lunch stop, enjoying the sun on my back and the view of the mountains to the east. It made for a very fine Sunday afternoon!

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