Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What the heck do you know? Customer service lives and breathes at Beaudry RV after all.

When we woke up this morning, Odel and I discussed what we thought would be a reasonable resolution of the excessive labor charges Beaudry had included on the repair bill that we refused to pay last night. I phoned our Service Advisor to put him on notice, hoping the bill could be reduced and ready for payment when we arrived at the Cashier’s office.

That conversation was so unsatisfactory that Odel and I decided to pay the bill under protest (in writing on the bill) and move on, vowing not to return to Beaudry and to make sure we spread the (bad) word.

While I started closing up Scoopy, Odel headed to the office. I asked him to get the name and address of the person in charge so that I could document our experience in a written complaint I planned to mail later. (Note to customer service people: NEVER get on the wrong side of a detail-oriented know-it-all retired person who will make it her mission to hound you until you right your wrongs.)

When Odel asked the Cashier for this information, she pointed to the Service Manager’s office and told Odel to talk with Glenn Cannon. Glenn Cannon greeted Odel, invited him to take a seat, listened with great interest, and cut our bill just about in half.

Imagine that!

In a few minutes time, for just a couple of hundred dollars, Glenn Cannon bought Beaudry the kind of word of mouth that can't be bought with thousands of advertising dollars. Earlier in the morning, I couldn't imagine what Beaudry could do to win us back as customers, but now I know: listen with interest and respect, and react positively. I don’t know what message Glenn will take to his service staff, but the message to us was that he valued our business and hoped to keep it. Way to go, Glenn - and way to go, Odel!


  1. Yay for you! Wanna rent yourselves out for patient advocacy on a regular basis? Sounds like a great career. We stopped in at Beaudry's just to browse and were hit with not one, but two "eager" sales persons. Yikes! We couldn't get out of there fast enough.

    Safe travels, if you see Jack Mayer at Q, tell him Ellie says hi!


  2. Love your m/o! I do the same thing. Just let them know that you will be following up on this injustice with higher ups, and that you have plenty of time to let others know of your dissatisfaction.

    I think RV service places are beginning to get the message that we retired folks don't put up with the "stuff" that working folks don't have time to challenge, and that our network is alive and well for disseminating information - good and bad.

    Good job! ;->

    Virtual hugs,