Saturday, December 1, 2007


As this "Camper's Flood Advisory" says, the sandy wash on the main (and only) road in and out of the campground at Catalina State Park is "prone to flooding", and "it is possible for vehicles in the campground to be stranded there for up to several days".

Heavy rain was in the forecast yesterday so, obsessive planners that we are, we were ready, well stocked with everything we might want.

The weather forecast was right - we got heavy rain (around 2 inches) along with strong winds... it was a wild night. First thing this morning, when we stepped outside, the campground host told us that the wash was flooded, so we hustled on over to take a look.

This is what the road looked like. The people who have their backs to the camera are campers - we all are watching another camper wade the flood. He got to the other side, but the water was knee deep in some places.

The rangers say it will be at least Monday before the sand and mud can be cleaned off the road, depending on when the water stops flowing. Not a problem for us... we aren't planning to leave until Tuesday anyway. The hiking here is great, we've got food, books, entertainment.

Other campers aren't so lucky. We talked with several who had planned to leave today, and other who are camped in tents! One woman told us she moved from her tent, which seems to be blowing away, to her car in the middle of the night. Another camper was to participate in an art show/sale this weekend; she is counting on her sister to staff the booth.

As I write, the wind is blowing, with squalls of rain moving through every so often. Odel's got a college football game on TV, and I've got a new recipe in the crockpot. Next break in the weather, we're going out to check the wash again. Great entertainment!

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