Wednesday, December 12, 2007


When I woke up this morning and parted the front curtains, I could barely see outside. We were in a heavy, wet fog, yet another side of the variety of winter weather we have experienced over the past few days: scudding clouds, rain showers, strong wind gusts, snow on the nearby peaks, and COLD temperatures. The weather forecast indicated SUNSHINE for today, so I was a little disappointed.

As I contemplated my limited view and wondered how long it might be until the fog lifted, my phone rang.

My mom, still staying in Bisbee at my sister's house uphill from Turquoise Valley RV Park, asked about our weather - then told me that they were in bright sunshine!

I jumped in the car, drove about 3 miles uphill, and - no fog! This photo, taken near my sister's house, shows San Jose Peak in Mexico. Our RV park, in Naco, Arizona on the Mexico/US border, is in the lake of fog at the base of the peak. The foreground flora is in Bisbee.

In cold (31 degrees), bright sunshine, I took several pictures of San Jose Peak floating above the fog, then headed back down the hill.

It is about 5 miles downhill from Bisbee to Naco. The road disappeared into the fog about halfway, and I stopped to take this photo where we make the turn to the RV park just before crossing the international border.

As I write this, I am once again looking out our windshield at the bleak, cold, very damp fog... wondering how long until the sun breaks through.

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  1. What a great pictures! Today for us is a beautiful sunny day reflecting off our 2 ft of accumulated snowfall this past week! Fortunately, we were above the major ice storm line, and got mostly snow. There's nothing sadder than listening to the crack of tree branches as they break under the weight of an ice storm.