Friday, December 14, 2007


The rain/snow clouds that dogged us for a couple days moved on (probably to pile on with the ice and snow in the east) and left us with bright, cold sunshine. I don't know if the daytime temperatures have reached 60 degrees, but recreating in sunny 50's feels great! Yesterday, Odel walked across the street to play golf, so I had the car and an open day... fun.

First I drove to Sierra Vista, about 30 minutes away, to do some of the shopping errands that can't be accomplished in Bisbee or Naco - Staples and Target. In Jules II, our new-to-us Jeep, the CD player works (unlike original Jules) and we even have a 10 CD changer. This is a GREAT thing in southern Cochise County where the radio choices are a religious station asking for financial support, a country-western station with a wobbly signal, and several strong Spanish language stations. I drove along singing with Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt at the top of my lungs.

From Target, it is a straight shot to the San Pedro House, a nature preserve along the banks of the San Pedro River, a bird/birders paradise.

San Pedro House (NOT the building in the photo) has a great bookshop inside - THE place to find books on local history and lore, hiking trails, and the area's flora and fauna. I'm not sure WHAT is story is on this little building - first homestead in Cochise County?? Old ranch storehouse?? I'm sure the info is available in the bookshop, but I headed out on the trails, instead. Quite a tree, isn't it?

The birders had a great time peeping at the various birds taking advantage of the feast laid out in the feeders around the San Pedro House. To avoid annoying both birds and birders, I took my walk out into the open range between the House and the river, basking in the sunshine. Ummmmmm, felt wonderful.

Then I continued my loop, coming back into Bisbee from the north. Coming down the canyon, you get several great views as the town opens up in front of you, and I stopped along the roadside to get a photo.

Most of the towns in southern Arizona are flat. Bisbee is a standout exception; unusual little homes cling precariously to the narrow, rocky canyons that radiate out from downtown "Old Bisbee" and the copper pit mine that was Bisbee's reason for existance. The streets are narrow (many one way) and twisted, and many of the homes are accessible by stairways only. Galleries, cafes, great historic buildings and plenty of creative energy - Bisbee is a fun place to relax and explore. I'm glad we have family here!

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