Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here is a little game for you all. I came across this display at an art gallery on the main street
of the "historic" section of Baker City. This area has great old buildings, small shops and restaurants that appeal to residents and tourists alike... and an art gallery.

Send along a comment (click on "Comments" at the end of the posting) if you think you know what these are. I'll post the answer in a week or so.

Above: Art works on display in the gallery. Double click on the photo to enlarge it.

Above and below: close-up photos of two of my favorite works.


  1. I'm guessing they are fossils of some sort - maybe dinosaur bones?


  2. I would agree with Judie based upon your two favorite works - they look like part of a spinal vertabrae and a molar. However, the items in the first photo do not look very animal-like. They look like fossilzed sun cups, the form snow makes as it melts and freezes. I KNOW it can't be fossilized snow, so my guess is that it is earth or rock forms made by water. There are so many different colors in the first photo that it makes me think materials are used to make casts from the forms themselves.


  3. Sorry, there was an article on the front page of the Oregonian about the "Moo Art". This was sponsored by the local feed store. Interesting stuff. I guess some were also created by deer and elk.

  4. From a Paws & Hooves point of view, they all look like various "salt licks."