Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In 2004, my sister, Sydney, and her husband, Frank, moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona. We are GLAD they did, because it is much easier and more fun to visit them in Bisbee than in the Bay area.

Since the move, both have focused on their art, especially images from the southwest and Cochise County. Sydney is a painter; Frank is a photographer. Both exhibit their work at a Bisbee art gallery, and each has just released a website of their work.

The black and white photo of the datura is from Frank's website. To see more, click on Frank Baker's Photography.

Not long ago, I posted Sydney's painting of my grandfather on this blog. That image prompted more comments than any other I have posted.

This is Sydney's rendering of the datura. Many of my favorites among her works are the familiar landscapes of the southwest. Click on this link to view more of Sydney's Fine Art.

Many of you who read this blog travel in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico in winter and will find some of these images particularly familiar and appealing. You also can view Sydney's and Frank's work at Verano Fine Art Gallery, 22 Main Street, Bisbee, Arizona, and on the gallery website. Enjoy!

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