Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It has been a drippy, gray week, culminating on Monday with a cloud that settled down on Chimacum and my head. While it didn't actually RAIN, everything dripped due to the heavy mist.

Now, I know I should be happy we aren't running both air conditioners in 90+ degree weather somewhere, but I admit that my mood was quite droopy.

At last! On Tuesday, we awoke to sunshine - and what a difference it made. Whew.

We hopped into Jules and took off for a drive and hike. We had the windows down, and even opened the sunroof to bathe ourselves in rays.

Look at the difference between these two photos, both taken overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, between Washington and Canada. I think I could have walked ten miles in the sunshine on Tuesday - I was FILLED with energy.

Sunshine wasn't the only energizer, though. After semi-hibernating during the gloomy weekend, we were looking forward to visiting with Boomers David Brown and Ann Howell. We had been invited to join them and five other couples for a wine tasting at their place near here.

Now, in any group of a dozen people, I usually enjoy talking with most... and perhaps politely disengaging with one or two when our personalities don't mesh well. In this case, Odel and I both said the same thing as we left: "What a GREAT group of friends!"

I admit, the sunny day, fabulous view, mulitple bottles of wine, delicious snacks, the endless laughs might have influenced us, but there wasn't a person in the group that I wouldn't want to spend time with again. Interesting, funny, friendly. We were warmly welcomed and completely enjoyed ourselves. Thanks, David and Ann and all of your wonderful friends.

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