Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Between Canada's Vancouver Island to the north, the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state to the south, and Seattle and its northern neighbors to the east is a watery region of straits, sounds, and islands, with ferries plying the waters in all directions.

Whidbey Island, long and narrow, is right in the middle of it all, accessible from the north by bridge and from Seattle and Port Townsend by ferry. We have explored the northern half of the island on prior visits; yesterday we took Jules on the ferry to check out the small southern towns.

The ferry crossing is short, just 30 minutes. This is just another way to commute for some of the travelers, who stay in their cars and read the newspaper or a book. The rest of us climb up the stairs to the decks (and warm, indoor seating areas) to watch Port Townsend recede into the distance as Fort Casey state park comes into view up ahead.

It was a showery day, overcast and cool. We had a few campgrounds to visit (our usual agenda when sightseeing!) before we turned south and drove to the far end of the island. Destination: Langley, WA.

We travel with a book called "The 100 Best Art Towns in America", and I always check it to find out what is in the area. Northern Washington seems to have more than it's share of art towns, Port Townsend (where we are now) and Langley among them. A town with a lively arts scene is always visually appealing and Langley is no different. Look at the effect the Pacific Northwest weather has on flora!

Becky, I took the Library photo just for you. How many libraries have a purple door?? The building in the lower photo is a little shop on the main street; I love the masses of bright white daisies.

We had lunch at a busy pizzeria before I set out to see the town (this involves browsing through every store and gallery that looks interesting) and Odel went off on a long walk (reflecting his interest in Art Towns). It was a good way to spend a day.

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  1. This brings back some great memories. I remember taking the ferry to Victoria Island with Grandma and Bampy. It was the longest boat ride I had ever taken!
    Come to think of it-it probably still is! hah!