Sunday, April 15, 2007


Today is our last day in site 75 at Lady Bird Johnson Park in Fredericksburg, and it is a beautiful one. Odel is off playing golf on the course here at the park (LBJ park is public, a municipal park). I've been shopping, walking, puttering around... generally preparing for departure.

Good thing, too. Early today, a huge motorhome pulled up in front of our site and a guy walked up to our door. He asked if we were leaving today and, when I said "no", told me they had reserved this site a YEAR ago for two weeks beginning today! He went back to the office to see what was up, and I checked our receipt with my heart thumping.

Well, the office had messed up (though, if I was the camper, I would have called a month or so ago to confirm the reservation), so the other MH has a different site for tonight. He was relieved when it turned out we were planning to leave tomorrow. He told me they have had this site for these last two weeks of April for the past EIGHT years!

Rosanna, I know you feel we don't post photos of Luna frequently enough, so here is one for you. I took this while she was helping Odel make sense of some insurance papers; her sentiment seems to be "take a break!"

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  1. Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! (and I'm sure she was successful in getting Odel to "take a break!!!" tee hee)