Friday, January 20, 2012


Sometime during the second half of January, I usually write about our visit with the Boomers in Quartzsite, Arizona (click here to read a typical post from last year).  It is our biggest annual gathering of Escapee Boomers; in fact, I think the 100th rig just signed in around 3 pm today.  It is one of the few times during the year that we boondock (camp without hookups), and it is sometimes difficult to explain to people who aren’t RV’ers – and even those who are - just exactly WHY we want to leave the comforts of electric, water, and sewer hookups behind to go squat in the dusty Arizona desert in a group of 100+ other RV’s.  In fact, our group is just one of the many groups that bring together 100,000 +/- RV’s on federal land surrounding this normally tiny desert town; Quartzsite is said to be the third largest (by population) city in Arizona during the RV shows.

For us, it is all about friends – here in Boomerville, we have the chance to catch up with people we might not have seen for a year or two, and to meet more of the Boomers we don’t know. 

And activities!  Here is a partial list of how we can spend our time here in Boomerville, each activity planned and announced by volunteers:

Saturday, Jan 21 – Big Tent Opens (this is the beginning of the RV show).
9 AM Walk – tent  (This is usually a 4 mile walk for us; some go farther, some not as far)
10 AM Desert Bar (This is a solar-powered bar at the end of a dirt road out in the desert)

11 AM Zumba – Alfa with flags (Yes, Zumba to a DVD outdoors)
1 PM Easy Watercolors (taught by a volunteer artist)
4 PM Happy Hour (everyday at 4 pm, with announcements followed by food and socializing)
7 PM Panama Canal Pix  (At “Pace Theatre”, projected on the side of the Pace’s RV after dark – BYO popcorn)

Sunday, Jan 22
8 AM Pancakes – tent  (Gretchen makes pancakes every other day or so, a fundraiser)
8:30 AM Trash Run  (Volunteers with pick up trucks take all our trash to the dump in town)
9 AM Walk
10 AM 4 x 4 Run – meet at tent (lots of 4-wheelers in our group)
11 AM Tai Chi (a change from Zumba for a little variety)
1-3:30 PM Z Circle – (like a progressing dinner, but it’s progressive visiting – a great event) 
4 PM Happy Hour
7 PM Rose Float Decorating – slide show at Pace Theatre

Monday, Jan 23
9 AM Walk
11 AM Smart Phones – fire pit (We have a LOT of tech talks)
12 PM Artist Trading Cards – Time to Trade – fire pit
1 PM Military Campgrounds – fire pit
1 PM Women's Outing - tent
4 PM Happy Hour – fire pit
5 PM Potluck – fire pit
7 PM Burning Man Movie – rally 2011 (at Pace Theatre)

To me, it is amazing.  We come together for two weeks and our community blooms.  You can do it all, or just hang out and visit.  Odel and I usually stay 5-7 days, until our water runs out or other commitments dictate we move on, always invigorated by our visit with our tribe.

Now… back to our previously scheduled programming: Panama.  :)


  1. Our Class of 09 is there again with the classes of 08,10, and 11. We missed it this year. They are having a wonderful time also. Enjoy all the activities.

  2. We stopped in for a short visit with the Classes that Paul & Marsha Weaver referred to and yes we left with many friends. This is not our first visit to Q, but it has been the best because of the time we spent visiting with them, so we know what you and Odel are talking about! Enjoy!

  3. It sounds really wonderful and lots of fun. The friendships made during rallies, boondocking at Quartzite and many other places are what makes the full time RVing journey SWEET! We haven't done Quartzite yet, but we plan on it!

  4. Never been there...have no desire....too many people. But those of you who love it..have at it!

  5. Can't wait until we are able to do it. Sounds like a blast

    Mike and Dee

  6. I don't know...I get nervous going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon! You make it sound very interesting and seems like there is always something to do, but SOOO many people. I'd probably get lost and never find my rig again...

    Thanks for telling us something about what goes on there.

  7. Tell you what, Laurie and Odel. You can do that for us. Suzy and I have absolutely no interest in Q, although we don't object at all to (1) boondocking once in a while, (2) Arizona desert, or (3) Boomers, even though you are all a bunch of kids as far as we are concerned. We have the greatest respect for what others like to do, whether we like it or not. So -- enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  8. Have fun at the Q. We'll be watching and listening from afar here in Palm Springs.

  9. Artist Trading Cards??? Tell me more! This sounds like the nomadic trading fairs of fantasy novels, and some old history. I can understand the draw! Your descriptions have me day dreaming...

  10. Q was always a challenge for us. Do we camp with our SKP graduating class, the Boomers, the View owners group, the RV driving school, or friends parked north of town? We always started with our class then had so much fun we never moved on. It was hard to miss so many other fun activities, though. Maybe next year...?

  11. Elaine, I don't know what the Artist Trading Cards are, either! I'm going to the Smart Phone session at 10 am; maybe I'll stick around for the ATC session at 11 amd learn something. :)

    Yes, it is something about the nomadic nature of this gathering that tickles me - our annual "crossroads" of commerce and socializing.

  12. Did you go to the Desert Bar today? The WINs canceled because of the wind.

    How long do you plan to stay?

  13. Barbara, we didn't go, but many others did. We'll be here until Tuesday, I think.

  14. We're here in Q with the Montana group on Plomosa Road & enjoying the happenings as well! Didn't need all that wind, though! :-)