Friday, January 27, 2012


5 May 2011Our stay with the Boomers at Quartzsite was short, filled with fun activities, new friendships, and visits with friends we see infrequently.  As usual, many new Escapees joined our Boomer group during this annual gathering, so we were busy with registration and accounting, and sales of Boomer decals.  The size of this gathering (over 110 rigs had registered by the time we left) can be overwhelming for “newbies”, but we all try to recognize and welcome them into the circle as they are introduced during the daily 4 pm happy hour meeting.

This time last year, we had a commitment in Phoenix for our interior renovations; this year, we left the gathering early to head east to my cousin Rosanna’s ranch, Paws and Hooves.  On the way, we needed to stop in Tucson to initiate the replacement of our non-functional washing machine.  So, a hop to Gila Bend, a skip to Tucson, and a jump to Sunizona, a tiny community in Cochise County.

The drive to Gila Bend is not long, so we joined the group for our usual 9 am desert walk before pulling out of Quartzsite just before noon.  A couple hours later, we were settled into a roomy slot at Holt’s RV Park (click here to read our review), behind the Holt’s Shell fuel stop just off I-10 in Gila Bend.   We filled the tank with diesel before parking, then tossed a week’s worth of dirty laundry into the machines at the RV park.  As usual, this efficiently-run combination fuel stop (competitive prices), convenience store, fast food place and RV park met our needs at a reasonable price.

Dryer shelfWe were on the road early (for us) the next morning, heading to Lance’s RV Service.  Lance has done repair work for us in the past and has earned a good reputation with us.  On this stop, we arrived at 10:15 and headed off to the very nearby Costco with a moderate shopping list.  By the time we returned about an hour later, our washer and dryer were out of the rig, sitting in Lance’s shop. 

Inside the empty washer/dryer closet, a mind boggling layer of dust was made even more awful by water that had drained out of the washer hoses.  Wispy, dusty, cobwebs festooned the walls of the closet; dust was so compacted on the edges of the dryer shelf that it resembled a layer of thick felt.  ICK, ICK, ICK!   We were happy to see, though, that we have no dry rot in the floor, so no pre-installation repair work is necessary.  We made arrangements to return in a week to have the new machines installed, then headed for the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park (click here to read our review) to settle in for the night.

Next day, we didn’t need to hurry, as the drive to Rosanna’s Paws and Hooves ranch is barely two hours.  As I whirred up smoothies for breakfast, I glanced out the window in time to see our friends Jeanie and Ray looking towards our rig, puzzled looks on their faces.  We rushed outside to hugs all around.  What fun to run into them – and what a surprise, since they live about 30 minutes from Paws and Hooves, our next stop!

As we chatted with Jeanie and Ray, a new face appeared on the edge of our gathering – a friendly blog reader, Mike.  Mike, retired from Arizona State Parks and a resident of Show Low, AZ, comes to the lower (warmer) elevations of the state during the winter.  He said he has been reading this blog for a few years, and thought he recognized Scoopy – but my not-up-to-date blog didn’t mention being parked at the fairgrounds!  Mike commented particularly on the food photos I so frequently post; Mike, I added the collage up top especially for you.  Thanks for stopping by to chat.

Paws and Hooves RanchWe finally pulled out of the fairgrounds just before noon and, as expected, it was an easy, uneventful drive to our next stop.  After many, many years in southern Arizona, including at least a decade on her little ranch in Cochise County, my cousin Rosanna and her mom, Carol, are moving.  Rosanna’s place is for sale, so this is likely to be our last visit to the property.  We have SO MANY happy memories here, and it felt good to settle in to “our spot”, to enjoy the warm sunshine and visit with Carol, all the dogs, cats, birds…

I hope to finish up my Panama posts while we are here, though we already are planning a hike at Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoons, a visit to the ranch sitters at Jeanie and Ray’s place, a visit to Bisbee, a day of golf for Odel… and I have several new recipes to try while we’re here.  Never a dull moment!


  1. Whew........that's some quick moves you've made. If you come up with a fix to the problem of your blog not reflecting where you actually are at the moment let me know. We miss folks all the time because we didn't know they were there and vice versa. Glad your fan recognized you. Guess I'll have to study Scoopy's pictures closely so I can ID you all when you aren't expecting it.. :-)


  2. One of our favorite visits in Tucson is the Air and Space museum. Most of the tour guides are former pilots of the era and have the coolest stories about speciffic aircraft. Enjoy your stay in the area.

  3. Love your recipes! Looking forward to reading more. Enjoy the ranch and take lots of pictures.

  4. Glad the dryer bay had no problems. The ranch looks wonderful. Enjoy your stay. ~wheresweaver

  5. I am a newbie at reading your blog but I have read and read and read..Love to see all the things you have done and places you have gone. We are newbies at RVing too but looking forward to it and reading of all the friendships people make, we hope to do the same.....Thanks for the entertaining blog entries...I feel like I know you and Odel.


  6. Never a dull moment, huh? I suspect that's one of the reasons we all love to travel - don't you think? Always something to experience around the corner. How grand!

    Wish we could meet up in LA (lower Arizona) - but, poo, not this trip. Hope you have a great time!


  7. And you're gone . . . I had hoped to have a chance to see you guys here in Quartzsite, but all our activities fell right when you were here. Sorry we missed you. I'll be following along on your travels.

  8. Oh My!! Those food photos make me feel hungry, and I have just eaten a huge Chinese dinner. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

    Mike and Dee

  9. What?? No pictures of the famous chicken gizzards?? I'll never forget that post. Sounds like you have a few busy and fun-filled days ahead of you.

  10. Glad you ran into Jeane and Ray--they are the nicest people! Did you have a combo W/D and are you getting a stackable? For the first time ever I am using my combo W/D, I love the way it washes, not so crazy about the length of time it takes to dry.