Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Our drive/ride from Phoenix to Quartzsite was smooth and sunny.  By noon, we had picked out our campsite for the week, and were fully deployed in 30 minutes.  We made the rounds of the other Boomers already here (35 rigs), helped newbies Ken and Cindy settle in, and headed to happy hour.

Scoopy at Q Our Campfire Circle View

We had a simple dinner (Green Chile Stew) around 7 pm.  Odel washed up the dishes with a few dashes of liquid gold (water) and we both took up resting positions for a bit… which turned into falling asleep at 9 am listening to bursts of laughter punctuating the low murmur of voices around the campfire. 

After ten solid hours of deep sleep, we’re up, computing, and contemplating our schedule: pancake breakfast, a walk, a look at a TV installation we might emulate, maybe a trip into Q (we want to look at a few things for Scoopy), then we are off to the boonies of Bouse to visit with Janna and Mike and John and Brenda.  Plus, I still need to get dressed and do the low-water personal grooming routine. 



  1. Sounds fun... and nice that you are close enough but on top of each other to have some social fun if you want.
    Have fun & Tavel Safe

  2. Just curious, why don't you use paper plates when you are boondocking?

  3. Say hi to the guys in the boonies of Bouse for me! :)

  4. Hey...we'll be in Quartzite on Saturday! Maybe we can finally meet eachother. I feel like we already know you and Odel. We'll more than likely be staying in Greaswoods.

    Have a fun time with the Boomers. We always like hanging out with a group at Quartzite too. We have a few friends that we're meeting there.

    Right now we are in Indio, CA just hanging out until Quartzite.

    And about the renovations, we know exactly what you mean about having to keep on top of things. Sounds like you have a good crew though.

  5. Jan: yes, we use paper plates and bowls when we boondock. Still, we have pans, cooking utensils, our tea mugs (don't like to drink hot liquids out of paper), knives, cutting boards... take a look at your dishes after making a meal and you'll find lots of things that can be replaced by paper.

    When boondocking, we wash dishes once a day, and sometimes use a spray bottle to rinse. Rinsing dishes is a huge water hog!

  6. We have never boondocked, and we do have a Honda generator we take with us..We really have to try it sometime...have NO idea of how or where...I think we need to buy a book of where you can boondock and the ins and outs before we try it...Sounds like great fun!

  7. Suppose to be 2 degrees here in Lexington, KY, tomorrow night. We move from here this Thursday. Will be in the RV by March, hoping to make Quartzite next Jan. This summer we are doing Maine and I hope never to be on the east coast, again. Check out my blog.

  8. We so enjoyed our time with you guys yesterday!