Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our sweep of the southeastern US is about to end.  From here (Trace State Park near Tupelo, MS – click here to read our review), we have one last, exciting stop – Oxford.  Then north to Memphis (Odel’s hometown) for a ten day stay and a family visit. 

The American falls near Niagara Falls Planning our trip to the southeast was easy, even though we’d never been east of New Orleans along I-10.  Savannah and Charleston were not to be missed, of course.  Biloxi, MS, through Alabama and the Florida Panhandle almost planned itself.  Asheville, NC, was on my “must see” list, and from there it was easy to map the route to Memphis to include the Unclaimed Baggage Center and Oxford, Mississippi, another town on my radar.

This summer, we plan to be in the northeast.  We visited the Great Lakes during our first year of travels, exploring parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and making a quick run to Niagara Falls (today’s photos are from that trip in 2003), but have never been up the eastern seaboard.  We have a lot of planning to do.

We are taking two weeks, from mid-May to Memorial Day, to travel from Memphis to the DC area (another family visit), via Cincinnati (more family).  We’re undecided about what route to take.  We’ve stayed at Land Between the Lakes before, and at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington – and would be happy to return to either, but wonder what we would be missing.

The harbor at Grand Marais, MN What route would YOU take?  We don’t need suggestions for what do see or do around DC – we’ve both been there several times  – but the sightseeing and camping possibilities from Memphis to Cincinnati and on to southern Maryland is a mystery to us.

And then…!  We plan to spend June, July and August in the northeast and Great Lakes states (no leaf peeping for us, as we plan to be in California by mid-October).  We’ve never been to Philadelphia or Boston (been to NYC).  Don’t know anything about Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate NY (except the phrase “the Finger Lakes”), Pennsylvania, little bitty Rhode Island… 

So, though our most immediate focus in on our route from Memphis to Maryland, we’ve got a summer to plan.   If you’ve visited Philadelphia or Boston with your big RV, where did you stay?  If you’ve explored the far NE in a bus-sized vehicle, where would YOU return – or, what would you avoid?  As usual, we’ll sightsee using our Jeep, but need campsites large enough to accommodate a 40’ motorhome. 

Campsites, attractions, restaurants, local food specialties (a lobster roll is a given)… advice welcome!  Comments, or email (click on our profile photo near the top left of this blog for a link to our email address) – both are appreciated.  Thanks!


  1. We too have not made it up the eastern seaboard, but our plan is to make it happen next summer so we will be reading your every word looking for tips and suggestions. Have a great time and thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. I didn't realize you had relatives in Cincinnati. Although I was born in Kentucky, I was raised in Cincinnati and didn't leave there until 1983. Good place to be from.

  3. We are planning on coming south out of the Canadian Maritime provinces this fall so will be watching your do's and don't's with a lot of interest. Travel safe

  4. Are you Family Motor Coach menbers? Do you know you can at FMCA headquaters in Cincinnati for 2 nights free if you are? It's $20.00 a night after that for 5 nights.

  5. If/when you do arrive in New York State, consider the state campgrounds in the Finger Lakes, the Adirondacks, and the 1000 Islands. If you are ever interested in specifics, just let us know.

    Safe travels.

    John and Ellen Souva

  6. Also a stop in Scranton PA, where you can see The Steamtown Nat'l Park, The trolley museum, and the Anthracite coal mine,Camping in the Pocono Mountains around Scranton is also great, Sam should know he grew up in that area. Also he sayd try the pizza in the Scranton/Taylor Pa area. It is really nice in the summer with warm days and nice cool breezy nights.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  7. Drive through Hershey, PA, and look at the street lights. :)

  8. Have you been to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum up by Dulles Airport (Udvar Hazy Center)?

    Lot of easy parking even for a MH, $15 parking fee, museum is free. Odel would love it. Even has the B-29 Enola Gay on display.

  9. A trip on the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains would be on my list! You could take Rt 64 from KY through WV - also a beautiful drive and many places to stop - then enter Shenandoah National Park at the Southern Entrance off Rt. 64 and drive North on the Parkway to its end at Front Royal, VA and on to DC on Route 66. National Park Campgrounds we love on the Skyline Drive are Loft Mountain and Big Meadows.

    I found your blog a few months ago, and follow it with interest and great pleasure. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Amy

  10. We are also coming south from Toronto after Labor Day and will be returning west via New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Highway 60 through Missouri and home to Oregon by Oct 1. We will be watching your routes closely! Odel and Laurie the Scouts!!

  11. We've been to the NE coastline several times. There really isn't a bad place to visit. The whole Cape Ann area is not to be missed. Rockport (Halibut Point) Marblehead. In Maine, York and Arcadia were our favorites. CapeCod and Martha V are predictable. Too bad you'll be visiting during the height of tourist season. People, people and more people but "mmmmm" the seafood (chow-da, fried ipswitch clams, Legal seafood) Can't wait to live vicariously through you! Take lotsa pictures!!!