Thursday, April 8, 2010


Azalea blooming on the side of a country road. Yesterday we encountered our first hills since we left the Texas Hill Country.  From there, staying along the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida panhandle, and the southeastern Low Country, it has been flat (I think we got to 34 ft. above sea level once).  We spent last night in Columbia, SC, almost 400 feet above sea level!

When we checked into Barnyard RV Park around 1 pm, it was 85 degrees, forecast to be 89.  We picked Barnyard RV – in spite of its name – because they participate in CampClubUSA, one of the 50% discount clubs we have joined.  The cost to overnight was $15, a great deal for 50 amps, FHU including cable.  We didn’t bother to hook up to water or sewer, but those 50 amps got a workout with both A/C’s going.

We hopped in the car for an afternoon of errands, beginning with Target so we could each buy some casual clothing better suited for the hot and humid weather.  A World Market was located next to Target, so we stocked up on wine, since we never know which states make that easy and which make it difficult.  We mailed our taxes – finally finished - and picked up a few groceries.

Everywhere we went… POLLEN!  Listening to the radio news, and to sports commentators talking about the upcoming Masters golf tournament in Augusta, the topic of pollen is popular this year.  Apparently it is one of the heaviest “pollen falls” in years, and I believe it!  In the parking lots, the yellow pollen is so heavy you can see tire tracks in it.  Cars are completely covered in yellow dust, cemented on by the dew that falls during the night.  Today’s big weather news is the rain that is forecast to arrive later this afternoon, which will wash the pollen out of the air (and might wash out the first day of the Masters).  We’ll welcome it.

Wild Wisteria on the roadside Manicured Wisteria in a yard.

Now we’re on the road to Asheville, watching the clouds form and hoping to arrive before the rain begins.  It’s been a beautiful drive, spring green grass and trees punctuated by blossoms.  Today’s photos all were taken from the passenger seat while on the move, so aren’t the best – but might give you a feel for springtime in South Carolina.    The scene above of the wild Wisteria covering the trees on the side of the road?  So common it doesn’t even surprise me anymore.


  1. I know what you mean about the pollen. We just got home after spending 4 weeks in Myrtle Beach and I was sick to death of trying to keep the pollen off of EVERYTHING inside the MH. Nevermind the outside, that I just gave up. I went through so many Swiffers, I should have bought stock in the company. Enjoy your travels.

  2. Our pollen here at home in the pine forest arrives in June every year. Some years heavier than others, but always a mess. Gets into absolutely everything!!

  3. Had we only known you were stopping at the Barnyard, next time through be sure to find Zesto's broasted chicken, the best.

  4. Well it sounds like pollen is a BIG issue most places... We are in Soledad Canyon and we are all suffering from allergies. Your pictures did indeed show the beauty of spring in that area.
    Have fun & travel safe

  5. You can see why spring is one of my favorite seasons (besides summer and fall)Everyday something new blossoms, and did you ever see so many different shades of green? After a stark winter, spring is SO WONDERFUL (even with all the pollen) Beautiful pictures!We're not quite there yet--there's just a hint of green on the trees, but my daffodils are blooming like crazy!!

  6. So glad to see all the green! Spring has truly sprung. And with that as you said...pollen. Pollen or not, I can't wait to tour that area. We're in Jacksonville for the next week or so. Then we'll head up that way.

    Safe Travels!

  7. my daughter plays fast pitch in north carolina and we will visit her college next week - keep the warm weather there if you can...