Monday, May 18, 2009


Tonight will be the first night in a week that we will eat dinner at home. That's a first for us!

Everything we needed to do in Sacramento is done, and our last week here filled up with social events... all dinners. We've eaten out with friends old and new, with my sister and bro-in-law, and with my parents. Yes, I have retained my hard-won ability to fit comfortably into my pants, but barely.

It has been particularly nice NOT to be cooking since we are suffering through Sacramento's second heat wave of the season. Yesterday the highest recorded temperature was 104 degrees, which tied the current record for May 17, which was set LAST year. Yes,
we were here for that one, too! UGH.

Though our two air conditioners can keep us cool indoors, cabin fever sets in quickly. We've spent many hours daydreaming about the cooler weather soon to be ours in Oregon (today's photos are from our last visit there in 2007).

Today is forecast to be slightly cooler (highs in the upper 90's). Odel is on his way to the golf course, and I am heading out the door shortly to walk to the nearby Best Buy store to checkout new laptops.

Our current Toshiba laptop is 3 1/2 years old. We use it daily, heavily... in fact, the most-used letters of the alphabet have worn right off our keyboard!

It is now developing a worrisome problem: every so often (once a day, average), the screen freezes, then slowly fades to very light pastels or white. If I jiggle the screen, it usually "comes to life" again and on we go - but I am thinking it is a problem that won't fix itself.

If anyone knows of a reliable fix for this, let me know. At Best Buy today, I'm "just looking", since we will be in Oregon soon and can purchase a computer without paying sales tax. When the time comes, I want to have our options narrowed down.

So, out the door I go. This is likely to be my last posting until we are one the road again - SOON. We're leaving Wednesday morning, spending Wednesday night in Redding, then heading to Grant's Pass, Oregon, to hang out by the Rogue River through the Memorial Day holiday (we like to be OFF the roads during holiday periods). Woo-hoo!


  1. If you think you might have time to stop in Orland for a cup of coffee, please let me know. There is a restaurant just off I-5 called the Berry Patch - if you might make it I will look more closely at the parking lot today when i drive by there to make sure they have plenty of room. In any event, have a safe trip until we meet again.


  2. Not to sure if you have already picked a place to stay in Redding but we always stay at the JGW RV Park there. It is right on the banks of the Sacramento River, is absolutely spotless, beautifully landscaped and just a great place to spend a day or two. Here is the url if you'd like to check it out:

  3. Rick, thanks for your suggestion. I checked the link - the park looks very nice!

    Since we are staying just one night in Redding on this trip, we'll be at the Elks Lodge. It is right on the river and within walking distance of the Sundial Bridge - a great place to spend a few nights at a less-expensive price.

    We ALWAYS like to hear campground recommendations, though! We had to pick our Grant's Pass park (Moon Mountain RV Resort) without knowing anything about it (other than what we could learn on the internet) - I much prefer recommendations.

  4. Do yourself a favor and check out a Mac before you decide on a replacement PC. Everyone I know who gets a Mac always ends up saying "I *love* my Mac". You never hear PC people saying that about their PCs.

    Just a suggestion...

    -- jc&bev

  5. just a thought, Laurie, I had a Dell laptop and recently the LCD display went goofy. replacing the LCD part of the laptop was easy and I dont' imagine too expensive. (mine was still under warranty, so I don't know for sure), but it might be worth looking into.