Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you have been reading along, you know that the switch from analog TV to digital TV (as ordained by the government) opened a miserable can of worms with our old, analog TV equipment.  In our bedroom, we replaced the small, old, analog TV with a small, new, analog/digital TV.  In the living room, we hooked up a digital converter box to the big, old, analog TV.

Luna relaxes with a toy while the work is done. That's her "I'm not doing anything!" look.Once we did that, our TV world turned upside-down.  I’ve run through the details too many times, so won’t do it again.  We had “professionals” work on it in Sacramento, but we were not satisfied with the results.  We also noticed that our automatic satellite TV dish labored longer and harder to find and lock on the satellite signal.  I joked to Odel that it only wanted to work when it was cool… which turned out to be true!

When we called the satellite tech guys – in Florida - we were thrilled to discover that they could recommend a satellite technician in Eugene (can you believe it??) who was familiar with our brand (Trac Star) and had a workshop full of parts.  He used to install satellite dishes, TV’s, the works for the big RV manufacturers in the Eugene area – but has lots of free time now that so many manufacturers have gone belly up (or have slowed production to a crawl).

Off we went this morning for our 8:30 appointment with Cal Thorne at Advanced Satellite (no website: 541/607-8968, near the Eugene Airport).  While he got to work, Odel hovered, Luna relaxed with her toys, and I went to a nearby campground to secure an overnight site.  We left at noon with all problems diagnosed, the cabling unscrambled, a new receiver (ours was dying, one of the sources of our problems), and a rebuilt satellite dish one iteration newer than our 7 year old dish – one that doesn’t mind hot weather.  :)  Each TV is now capable of displaying the satellite feed, the over-the-air digital stations, and a cable TV feed.  Sharp and clear.  Problem(s) solved!

Relaxing spot 5-28-2009 2-17-14 PM  

Fern Ridge Lake 5-28-2009 4-22-07 PM

By noon, we were on our way to our overnight stop, Richardson Park (read our review and see more photos here), a country park on a big lake near Eugene.  We settled into our favorite site (selected when we first visited here in September of 2007), then Odel took off to get a replacement for a broken latch that holds the hot water heater cover in place.  He was back and had the repair completed in an hour, and we were off for our daily walk.  By 4:00, we were kicking back in our chairs in the shade, Luna relaxing on the big picnic table.  It was a problem-solving kind of day, and we’re feeling satisfied.


  1. It's always nice to get those aggravating technical problems fixed as they can tend to drive a person crazy!

  2. Love your site, read it every day. But I have noticed over the past few journals you have posted that I am having a problem viewing your site.

    No matter what I do I can not view your entire page width wise. Expecially when you put two pictures beside each other, the pic on the right is cut off. When you only put one picture like the one of Luna it works fine, but the pic of the lake is cut off.

  3. Great that you finally got the
    satellite and TV fixed. Those things are endlessly frustrating when they go bad, eh?

    Have to comment though that I find it ironic, and somewhat unnerving that the satellite expert doesn't have a web site. :-)

  4. As long as 'Anonymous' brought it up, I might as well follow up with a comment about screen width. I also found I was having problems reading the text in the second column (when you post in two column format), but was able to resolve the problem by widening my browser window. Not a problem for me what with my 23" monitor 8^). What was odd is that the browser did not indicate, as it usually does, that there was more to be seen if I either slid the contents of the window over or widened the window. I just decided to do it anyway to see if it helped. It did. It's just odd that the browser didn't 'tell' me that there was more to see by making a slider bar on the bottom of the screen.

    Just thought I'd mention my experience when you make two column posts.

    -- jcw

  5. Yeah, it is strange that he doesn't have a website! I got the impression that he had so much business during the heyday of RV manufacturing that he didn't do much "outside" work. Now he is a one-man operation, with part-time office support. Sure knew his stuff!

  6. Anon, thanks for your comment. I've been experimenting with Windows Live Writer to compose my posts - a big change from online composing. Your's is just the kind of feedback I need.

    I don't have the same problem on my screen that you have, so let me ask a couple of questions:

    When I put two pictures side by side, so the post is too wide for your screen, does the text run off the screen, too? Or does it only clip the right hand photo? Do you have a slider bar at the bottom of the screen to move over to the right side of the screen?

    I'll experiment a bit and see how/if I can solve that problem. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Laurie,

    Regarding the screen width problem. We found that when you first started posting side by side images, we had to widen our screen to see the right image and read the text (usually, we keep our favorites toolbar open & the screen sizes pages correctly automatically). Todays side by side images still don't fit automatically, but I can read all the text. Looking back a few days, I see that the places where the text was cut off were captions under the right hand images whereas today there are none only the main body of text which fits fine. WHEW I hope this sounds intelligible!



  8. Thanks for all the helpful comments on the blog sizing. It sounds like I can solve the problem if I make the "table" that holds the side-by-side photos a little narrower, so the photos and text in the table don't get cut off. I'll experiment a little and see what I can work out.

    Other than that, if you are a blogger, I can tell you that Windows Live Writer (which you download to your computer so you can work off-line) is really amazing (once you get over the learning curve) - at least with Blogger.