Thursday, March 26, 2009


It was a very short drive from Oceano to Paso Robles yesterday - in spite of a road detour that abandoned us after diverting Scoopy from our planned route, and a missed turn on the way to Kit and Nancy's (my fault). I took this photo of Scoopy in their driveway just as the sun was setting, after a two-bottle happy hour (followed by a delicious meal accompanied by more vino).

Paso Robles is the center of a grape growing, wine producing universe - vineyards in every direction with huge, beautiful wineries and their tasting rooms on every hillside. Kit and Nancy know most of the wineries, and like to visit 'em - and we were willing passengers for their guided tour.

It was the kind of day that makes a fulltimer think, "Hmmmm. If we ever decide to settle down, this might be a good spot." Warm-but-not-hot sunshine, a tiny breeze, new green grasses and leaves everywhere, and the occasional whiff of blooming jasmine. As Nancy reminded me, though, everyplace looks great in spring and fall!

We stopped at several wineries, tasting here and there - but often simply admiring the architecture or the gardens, the caves or the sculptures.

Kit was the designated driver, and Nancy had packed a picnic of cheese, fruit, smoked oysters, salami, crackers - and chocolate truffles for dessert. For Odel and me, it was really delightful to simply climb in the car, ride along, get out and have a few tastes of vino, climb back in, get out at a picnic table, eat the scrumptous lunch packed for us, take off again... it was like being a kid, except we got to drink wine!

We ended our afternoon in downtown Paso Robles, around the square. The men went off to a park bench to practice being seniors; Nancy and I browsed in and out of shops, and walked several of the blocks while she filled me in on the history - including the 2003 earthquake that caused considerable damage here.

We all met up for dinner - melt-in-your-mouth BBQ ribs and sweet potato fries, mostly - as the sun was sinking behind the huge old oaks in the square. Pleasant music was playing, the food was delicious, the service perfect, the companions mellow and contented - a day to be savored.

Bottom Photo: Northern Magnolia

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  1. Hey Laurie, be sure and tell Kit & Nancy hi for us! We stopped by their place on our way up to Walnut Creek to sell pumpkins, back in late Sept. Looks like you are settling right in!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron