Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This photo pretty much says it all about our time at Yucaipa Regional Park - the livin' is easy! About the hardest thing we've had to do is listen to AIG Chairman Edward Liddy try to justify the retention bonuses paid to executives and other employees - especially those who have left the company! The man lives in an alternate universe!

See Luna under Odel's chair? She has decided to be an outdoor cat while we're here. The site has lots of protected area for her to explore - best of all, the berm beside us is infested with a hamster-sized ground-dwelling rodent that fascinates her.

When she spies a bit a movement, she runs to a hole, sticks her paw in all the way up to her armpit, switches to the other paw, then finally hunkers down for a long, patient waiting game. It's like sticking a kid in front of Sesame Street.

We've ALL enjoyed being outdoors. The weather could not have been better: sunny, totally calm, highs in the low 70's. Flowers are popping out all over around here, the hills are covered with thick green grass, and the distant mountains are still snow covered. It is a relaxing oasis in the midst of southern California's busy, busy, busy-ness.

JoAnn and Doug moved here from Borrego Springs on the same day we did and are parked three sites away. Yesterday, when Odel went to play golf and Doug went to do chores, JoAnn and I headed to the Desert Hills Premium Outlet Mall. I wanted another pair of the super-well-fitting Eddie Bauer jeans (they make a "short" version that is just right for me) and JoAnn wanted to get out and about.

We happened to park in front of the Crate and Barrel outlet, so decided to go in. I've always disliked the throw pillows on our sofa (we kept the pillows from our old sofa when we switched to our new leather sofa) - but I have been unwilling to pay what always seems to me like way-too-high prices for new throw pillows.

Well, Crate and Barrel had everything on SALE, including throw pillows - and I found three new ones that look (and feel) great. JoAnn found three baskets of a size and shape she needed, so we felt successful 15 minutes after we arrived. Not being serious shoppers, though, we didn't stay long - left after I got my jeans.

Meanwhile, Odel enjoyed himself on the golf course adjacent to the park, Yucaipa Valley G.C. He first found this course when we stayed at Loma Linda, using, a website that provides reserved tee times with heavily discounted greens fees at various courses around the country (from inexpensive to costly) for one, two, three or four people. If you are a golfer, especially a traveling golfer, you should visit the EZLinks site - Odel has played at several courses for half price since he learned about it this winter.

JoAnn and Doug are coming over for dinner tonight - grilled outdoors, dining on the picnic table. Tomorrow we're heading to Emma Wood State Beach, where we hope to snag a beachside site for four days. It's great to be traveling again.

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