Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yes, I have a long, long list of things to accomplish before I fly up to Sacramento tomorrow, but catching up on email is always a part of my morning routine - and recent email brought some great photos!

In my prior post, I mentioned that we had helped Richard Dopp build an earth oven at a boondocking site near Borrego Springs last winter. Last weekend, when we met JoAnn and Doug in Palm Desert, they were boondocking very near to the same spot, but had not found the oven.

Yesterday, JoAnn emailed these photos to me. Their friends, Al and Kelly, had been moving to a new boondocking site when they noticed this cozy camp - and thought they spotted an earth oven.

A closer look revealed that Richard's oven, almost a year old, is still in great shape. It looks like a thoughtful camper has added a bit on top, but Lynn Howe's graceful stone design is still noticeable on the sides of the oven.

Helping to build the oven was fun, and provided the inspiration for Odel, Rosanna and me to construct a larger one several weeks later. I am very happy to see that the oven has been enjoyed by other campers... it could just as easily have been vandalized or demolished by a passerby, or the firebrick floor taken.

Al and Kelly, if you read this, thanks for taking and forwarding the photos. If you lucky Canadian campers (that is a Maple Leaf on the front of your rig, right?) happen to read this, did you use the oven? Your camp looks so comfortable!

Odel has a busy day today. Wednesday is his golf day, and he left early this morning to join 3 other proton patients for a round of golf at Oak Quarry Golf Course, about 15 miles from here. I snagged this photo off of their website, along with their description: "...winds through the historic Jensen Quarry, which in its operating heyday supplied limestone, marble and 88 various minerals for the construction of roads, large buildings and private residences in the greater Los Angeles area."

The website displays a long list of awards from various golf magazines, newspapers, etc. With nothing but sunshine today, Odel is in for a great time. After golf, he meets his doctor at LLUMC for his second-to-last weekly meeting, and has treatment number 39 at 4:20 pm. After that, just half a dozen treatments to go. YAY!

I'm off to Sacramento tomorrow, visiting with my friends Becky and Jewel on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday morning, after Becky heads to work (yes, on Saturday) and before Nancy arrives to pick me up, I scheduled a private hooping lesson with Allison, a 20-year old hooping teacher (and college student). I was encouraged to contact her when I saw a photo on Allison's website (BloomHoops) of her MOM hooping. Maybe Allison will have special insights into the hooping challenges facing us older hoopers. :)

Nancy and I will head up to Shingle Springs for an overnight with our Mom and Dad, including a visit to the new Red Hawk Casino a couple miles from their home. Four fun days coming up and by the time I come home, we're only 4 treatments away from heading out. Later!


  1. [] Al & Kelly are the folks and this is their blog. I sent them your link as well.

  2. Donna, thanks for setting me straight- Al and Kelly and "the Canadians" are one and the same! I enjoyed reading their blog. Yes, isn't it something when inconsiderate "neighbors" move in to your own small patch of boondocking space, when there is so much empty space available?

    -- Laurie

  3. Nice to meet you Laurie & Odel....small world in a way...
    To be honest, we are not really sure "how" to use it, I did use the fire starting can.... had read about them somewhere. I'll have another look on you blog to see if you hBLOGGER WEBSITE

    OUR PHOTO ALBUMS instructions .

  4. That was interesting, seeing the same photos on two different blogs on the same day. Since I had read your blog post on my Google feed reader, I didn't see that the mystery had been cleared up until after I found the earlier post.

    Certainly is a small world in many ways.

    Mike Goad
    currently at home in Arkansas
    Haw Creek Out 'n About

  5. Hi-
    I noticed on that rig that is in the first picture that it looks like they have solar panels. Since most of you RV'ers follow the sun, I was just wondering if more of you are starting to use solar or if that's even a viable option on your rigs? Today is a beautiful sunny day here, too, trouble is, it's only -18 degrees (yes, that is a negative sign in front there and we won't even talk about wind chill,but all the schools are closed!)I'm basking in my sunlamp!
    hugs to Nancy and AB and UB when you see them.

  6. Donna, not sure if Laurie will be answering your solar question...but..we use ours 99% of the time.. have not paid for a campsite in 2 months. Ours work so well, we never even think about not being plugged in. We love living off the grid. ( is the only way to re-coup or installation cost ) Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch..