Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm busily multi-taking today. As I write, we are watching the pre-inauguration pomp on TV. The cabinet nominees are making their way into the stands, freezing. I can't believe those folks aren't wearing hats...

Even retired people with a lifestyle that seems like a prolonged vacation want a vacation every so often. I had a great one, from beginning to end, in Sacramento. Even the air travel was fun, with planes only half full. Now, back home, I'm facing three "to-do" lists that I wrote prior to vacation so I'll be ready to leave here later this week.

...oh, man, here comes Joe Biden's mother, 92 years old! And the Carters... 45 minutes to go until the oath of office...

Odel continues to feel great in spite of (or because of?) his cancer treatments. Just 3 more to go!

He has asked for an early morning appointment on Thursday (the last treatment) so we can hit the road by noon, for Quartzsite, AZ, and the annual gathering of Boomers in the middle of the desert - along with around 100,000 other rigs. I took this photo of the campfire circle last year, and that is where we plan to be on Friday afternoon at 4 pm.

...wow, there is the wide shot of the Mall, people as far as the eye can see...

Today will be spent catching up on chores around home. Tomorrow Odel plays golf while I do the grocery and Costco shopping, then we have a last appointment with Dr. Grover. Keeping our fingers crossed, Thursday will be the last treatment and we'll head out either Thursday afternoon or Friday. We are so excited!

... here comes Michelle in her glittery yellow dress. What a woman! And there is Malia, taking a photo with her little digital camera... hey, Bush Senior put on a hat. Smart man...

So, time to sign off and get ready for the main event. What an exciting day!


  1. This is, indeed, an exciting day -- although I'm sure politics as usual will be back all too soon, for today at least we're not any particular political party, race or religion -- we're Americans and proud of it. And of our new President -- may he be the "uniter" we've been waiting for.

    Good luck with your final doctors' visits and safe travel to Quartzsite.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful day. As I'm reading your post the president and family are in the reviewing stand watching the parade.

    Mike Goad (at home in Arkansas)
    Haw Creek Out 'n About

  3. Hi, looking forward to seeing you at Q! You should have a "hooping session" once you get out here, so us women can see if we still can do it!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  4. What a glorious day for all of us...I watched for 16 straight hours 7am-11pm watching history being made.