Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We escaped!

After an early morning walk yesterday morning (out on the trail at 7 am), we packed up and headed south to Bisbee and blessedly cooler weather. As I write this, at midday on Wednesday, our thermometer shows 84 degrees - 13 degrees cooler than the current temperature in Tucson. Let me tell you, the difference between 84 degrees and 97 degrees is substantial to an RV'er - the difference between enjoying the outdoors and huddling inside with both A/C's blowing.

You can see from this photo that it was beautiful in the Sonoran desert around Tucson, and we LOVE that area in winter. During our quick visit, we fit in quite a bit: huge shopping trip to Costco; lunch at a favorite restaurant, Chopped, with our friends JoAnn and Doug; a sit-down with two ex-Boomers, Al and DeAnna, whom we had previously met through email only; and a tour of a mobile home park in Tucson where we might consider staying for a month later this year.

Once the required medical appointment was over, though, we were glad to head to Bisbee and Queen Mine RV Park (read our review and see photos here), perched high up on the edge of the big pit copper mine that dominates the Bisbee landscape. Bisbee is a quirky place, and this trailer, near us at the half-full RV park, fits right in. Check out that beautiful "cloudy sky" paint job; I'd never seen "cloud" camoflage before!

As we were setting up, we heard the crunch of tires on gravel and looked out to see Doug and JoAnn arriving with their 5th wheel. They, too, were escaping the heat, coming from the Benson SKP park for a few cooler days in Bisbee. Fun!

Rosanna and Auntie Carol arrived from Paws & Hooves ranch around 5 pm, to greet JoAnn and Doug (and Fillmore, their princely standard poodle), make a plan for a get-together, then head over with us to dinner at Sydney and Frank's house. It was a busy, social, and thoroughly enjoyable day. Great to be back in Bisbee!


  1. that sound fun have fun at the great restaurant

  2. We are facing heat here in Branson with humidity in the 90's. We are indoors with the AC on.