Friday, September 5, 2008


After six weeks in Colorado, we reluctantly left beautiful Great Sand Dunes National Park on Thursday to head farther south. The afternoon before we left, a heavy, cold rain rolled in, drenching the dunes and the campground, turning the wet dunes dark and rosy. The rain cleared by evening, and we had a successful campfire (no mosquitoes, no wind, big flames) with our Boomer friends. A campfire at night, and no hookups - we were CAMPING!

We did one last loop hike through the dunes before we left, then drove 120 miles to Taos, New Mexico. Though Taos is not large, the congestion of traffic, buildings and people made me realize that we haven’t been in a town of any size for over a month. Taos felt HUGE!

Though the RV park we chose is by far the prettiest in the area, I was completely shocked to find that we have no cell service here - no phones, no aircard. I can’t remember the last time we were without a cell signal, even in places that seemed remote - Westcliffe, Mueller State Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park. It never occurred to us to ask if an RV park in Taos, New Mexico had a Verizon signal!

So… don’t be surprised if blog posts lag a bit. We will be checking email as we can - I don't like feeling soooooo out of touch.

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  1. While you're in the Taos area, have you thought about a trip over to Ojo Caliente Hot Springs? Ohhh, we miss those pools and baths!

    Ellie & Jim