Saturday, July 5, 2008


Here with Odel are Barry and Jan Kessler, our fulltiming friends who are volunteer campground hosts here at Turtle River State Park. We've had a good visit with them, and a chance to get the real skinny on the campground hosts' job.

Yesterday, on the 4th of July, Turtle River State Park had a celebration, including a band performance from 1-4 pm, along with free cake and lemonade. Jan and Barry sat in the shade in the parking lot, making certain each car that came in had paid $5 for a day use pass. Odel and I joined them, and before long, eagle-eyed Odel was alerting Jan to any approaching car without a pass. He just loves to work! Jan popped up to collect the fee from anyone who thought they would get in for free. Barry ate cake, passed out dog biscuits and lollipops, and cracked wise. I swatted mosquitos.

The Kesslers are on duty (talking with visitors, cleaning firepits, pulling ticket stubs off campsite posts, recycling cans...) from noon to 4 pm Thursday through Monday, and do a loop through both campgrounds again at night to make sure all campers have receipts. They drop by our place for happy hour after their afternoon shift.

While we sit outdoors and snack, we let Luna roam our little yard. When she is done with her rounds, she usually retires to her crate to lounge and keep an eye on things, but today she decided to try out something new and Barry snapped this photo. She and Odel would make an excellent host team!

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  1. Jan and Barry look really good.
    Looks like you all had a good time together. I miss you all.