Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What a day.

We got a bit of a late start since one of our front tires needed air (hold on while I give silent thanks for our on-board air compressor). Our drive was five hours, longer than our usual, but the weather was so hot (mid-90’s) that zooming along the highway with A/C blasting was a preferred way to spend the day. We crossed the border from South Dakota to North Dakota, rolled past tractors on the highway shoulders and smashed hundreds of bugs on the windshield (which you can see in the photo - no, those aren't birds flying by).

The excitement started when we arrived at our campground. We had selected an RV park and had MADE A RESERVATION so we could count on a FHU site with 50 amp electricity at the end of a hot day‘s drive. Our next five days will be spent in a state park with E only (no sewer), so we wanted to have unlimited water, good electricity and a sewer connection to prepare for our next stop.

We were unimpressed with Prairie Haven Campground (read our review and see photos here). Our feelings were tempered by the warm welcome we received, and we figured the campsite would work for one night.

As soon as we plugged in, we had problems with our inverter - an expensive piece of electrical equipment that is unimportant when we have “shore power”, but of the utmost importance when we don’t. Odel got on the phone to the manufacturer to try to solve what looked like it could be a worrisome problem - but our cell phone signal was so weak, he couldn’t hold the connection.

Next step: set up the phone antenna to strengthen the signal. While he stood outside in the humid 95 degree afternoon heat talking to the techie, I leaned out the bedroom window responding to suggestions Odel relayed to me. Press this button, press that button, flip the switch, try this, try that - okay, what do you see now? Thanks to the sweaty persistence of Odel and the techie, that problem was solved in about 15 hot minutes.

Just as Odel came in to cool off, the air conditioner quit! I knew that meant a shore power problem… yep, all power to the park had blown out (groan). We fired up the generator (oh, thank you, thank you!) and restarted the A/C units to stay cool for the next 3 ½ hours while the local electrical company replaced the transformer.

Although the temperature has dropped to a relatively pleasant 80 degrees now (9:15 pm), the mosquitoes are too numerous to relax outdoors. Odel is sprawled on the bed recovering from the day, and Luna is pooped out on her condo. I have a glass of cold vino at hand and soothing music on Sirius radio, and thus the day winds down.

Happy trails!


  1. Wanna come by on Sunday??? We're making Pizzas in the oven!!!!! And it may be hot, but not that humid. It may even be sprinkling. By the way, the rain so far has done absolutely no harm to the oven -- just cleans off the huge amount of soot it has accumulated. Love you guys!

  2. Wow that is a lot stuff happening. I hate when it is so hot...
    I guess your ok now and on your way.
    Good luck.