Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Another driving day today, not quite as long as yesterday. From Rawlins, we went a short distance on I-80, then headed northeast on a smooth, scenic state highway with great views - but smashed so many bugs on the windshield that I didn't get any good photos! A few more miles on another interstate (I-25), including the usual summertime road construction... then we left the interstates behind for the rest of our trip to Sturgis, SD.

We checked in to BJ's Campground (read our review here) in Lusk, Wyoming around 2:30 pm, set up, and set out on a walk. Lusk is small (population 1,500), tidy, and friendly - drivers waved, walkers (two besides us) said hello.

As I write this, we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until midnight. The sky is completely filled with dark clouds, and we've been watching lightning for an hour or so. The weather radio blares occasionally, but the brunt of the thunderstorms have gone north and south of us.

Tomorrow we have a short drive to Custer State Park for two nights, staying at a favorite campground. If you don't see anything on the blog, don't be surprised - I'm not sure what kind of Verizon service we will have there.

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