Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ha, ha, ha! On our way to the Boomerang here in Sturgis, SD, I imagined all sorts of interesting day trips and photo ops, history and hiking, lots of interesting stories and photos, with plenty of relaxed time in the evening to add them to the blog.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, Odel and I are taking over one of the volunteer positions for the Boomers, Membership Coordinator. Our plan was to get together with the current Membersip Coordinator, Bob, during our week-long stay here at the rally and transfer the responsibilities from him to us.

We didn't totally realize what we were getting into (understatement). I've loaded three - or is it four - new software programs on the computer, and need to learn each of them... which appears to be only about 1/3 of the job. We are spending a couple hours a day with Bob learning the procedures, and another couple hours a day on "homework" - loading software and data, learning new programs, going over our notes and trying to figure out how we can drain his brain before we go our separate ways at the end of the week.

Reading over the above paragraph, it sounds suspiciously like a complaint... but it isn't! We are having a great time learning all this new "stuff". On our way to Sturgis, I had a few qualms - mostly, that I had lost my "edge" and would not be able to mobilize enough brain cells to get focused and organized again. I guess it is like riding a bicycle - once a detail fanatic, always a detail fanatic. We both are enjoying learning a new "job" again.

When we were in Sacramento, we bought, for a $5 donation to D.A.R.E., a Pizza Hut folder that has 10 coupons for "Buy 1, get 1 Free" deals. We visited the Pizza Hut in Sturgis to see if they would honor the coupons (as the very fine print says, "good at participating dealers"). When the answer was "yes", we volunteered to organize a Pizza Party here at the Boomerang for Friday night. That has been Odel's big project: while I stay at home working on the computer during the Happy Hour socializing, he is in the thick of things selling tickets and signing up Boomers for the party.

Somehow, between our two volunteer jobs, the time we would usually spend hiking and exploring has slipped away. Oh, and we also had to renew our driver's licenses ($8 apiece and 30 minutes or so) and get some minor medical work done... and attended a potluck last night, which takes a bit of preparation...

This morning, we met with Bob at 8 am (now a standing appointment) for a two hour session on our new responsibilities. Odel sold more Pizza Party tickets, we ate lunch - and took off for some leisure time and badly needed exercise. YAY.

Our destination was Deadwood, about 30 minutes away. Although we went there to pick up a good biking/walking trail, Deadwood's claim to fame is this: Deadwood is where Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back while playing cards, and where he is buried on Mt. Moriah next to Calamity Jane. In the top photo, you can see Odel admiring the memorial statue to the man.

As we were leaving the memorial and heading back to the car, what did we see on the sidewalk coming our way but a touring group riding Segway Personal Transporters, and I took a quick photo. What would Wild Bill have made of that??


  1. Congratulations Laurie & Odel, for becoming the new membership coordinators. It sounds like a lot to learn, but, once you've got the hang of it, I'm sure you'll wonder why you were so worried. I know you both will do a fine job. It sounds like even though you were busy learning the ropes, you still had time to organize two dinners, renewed your drivers licenses and the medical stuff. Glad you got to get away for some R&R at last.

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  2. Gee--somehow I wouldn't expect to see Segway's in a place called Deadwood--maybe a stagecoach or horse drawn wagon, but not Segways!! Sounds like you have been very busy!! Is your volunteer job a certain number of years or just as long as you want to do it? Sounds like you're having fun!!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments, Sharon and Ron - but we didn't organize the potluck, just attended! I edited the post to clear up the confusion - we definitely don't deserve credit for the potluck!

  4. Golly you guys sound busy. We are doing lots of touring here in San Francisco. I love it here.

    But hey thanks for taking over the membership coordinator job. It sounds like a lot to learn. You will do a great job. Thanks!