Saturday, April 5, 2008


A year ago, another Escapee answered my online plea: "Can someone recommend a place in Texas where we can get our engine serviced?" We needed the standard stuff, just like you need periodically for your car: change the oil and filter and lube the chassis.

He recommended RV Mobile Lube and, after last year's experience, we did too. In fact, we were so impressed that we decided we would wait until we were back in Texas this year to have our major engine servicing done.

Today was the day, and Darlene and John arrived right on schedule at 10 am. This year, we needed more than just an oil change and lube - we needed the full service. Usually, this translates into a day at the shop (beginning at 7 am, of course) for Scoopy and an uncomfortable, long day in the Jeep for Odel, Laurie and Luna.

With RV Mobile Lube, we stay home and let them come to us. We're fully deployed, even had the washing machine going while John got to work. The convenience would be reason enough to love 'em, but the reasonable prices and their "service with a smile" attitude makes RV Mobile Lube our favorite motorhome service experience.

After his work was finished, John had two recommendations for us to avoid future problems: have the U-joints checked, and replace the serpentine belt, which is beginning to show signs of age. The total bill for the oil and filter change, fuel filter change, chassis lube, transmission servicing, hydraulic system flush and filter, coolant filter, air dryer cartridge and the expert examination and advice: $840.

While Odel hung around home to watch and learn, I visited another favorite Texas business: H-E-B. I don't remember whether I have seen H-E-B grocery stores outside of Texas, but I wish they were everywhere.

Our first experience with H-E-B was in San Antonio, Texas, several years ago. The produce department, just inside the front door, knocked me out... and then I saw the woman making fresh corn tortillas!

I could hardly tear myself away from a thorough examination of the umpteen different chilis and peppers they stocked but when I did, we found ourselves gazing at half a dozen different kinds of fresh shrimp in the refrigerated case. To our surprise, the clerk offered to season and cook our shrimp while we did our shopping. We ordered, then came back to the counter to find our freshly cooked shrimp in a plastic bag... which was placed in another plastic bag filled with ice. Yum, yum.

That was the beginning of my love affair with H-E-B, another good reason to like Texas.

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  1. Just as a matter of curiosity, what would all that cost at a place you had to go to? How often do you get your oil changed--as often as a car-- every 3,000 miles or 3 months?