Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wind, rain, lightening and thunder. No hail, no tornados, and no tree limbs down. It's all over for our area now, moving on to the east. Whew.

The worst thing that happened is that I had a filling fall out during dinner! Now get this:

Yesterday a friend of the Bartees' son (the friend's name is Chris) dropped by their campsite (next to ours) to visit. He is a dentist. When we drive out of the park, his house is the first house outside the park. His office is a short drive up to the main road and two blocks to the west. The Bartees' gve me his phone number, I called him, and I have an appointment to have my tooth repaired at 1 pm today. The only way this could be better would be if it haden't happened at all!

All is well in Texas.


  1. Boy, your angels are right with you all the time!!!! Wonderful!

  2. Wow, how convenient is that, have a tooth problem, no sweat, just have a friend who's a dentist right next door!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron