Saturday, February 23, 2008


When an RV'er has stayed too long in one place and wants to move on, they've got "hitch-itch", the urge to hitch up and roll. That's me, now.

Tomorrow we hit the road for Rosanna's house in Cochise County. If that location sounds vague, well... do you know where Sunazona is? Sunsites? The Mustang Mall? Pearce? Elfrida??? All the nearest towns have populations under 1,000. The nearest supermarket is an hour away so, in preparation, we've hit all our favorite stores - Costco, Trader Joe's, Wild Oats and Safeway. Scoopy is a rolling gourmet pantry, with goodies tucked into every nook and cranny.

I've spent this lovely, sunny Saturday just as I would have when I was a working person: went to Home Depot, Target and Safeway, than came home to clean. However, I never needed to dust the inside of the oven when I lived in our house; it is scary where you find dust in an RV!

Another chore: backing up computer files to our new portable external drive, including photos from the years we have been traveling. Since I have no photos from today's cleaning frenzy or our other fascinating chores, here are a few from years past:

Our first February on the road, 2004: we spent three or four days in San Antonio, including a visit to the Alamo. I was surprised that it is in downtown San Antonio, and very small!

In 2005, we joined the Escapees' Mexican Connection group for our first trip into Mexico with Scoopy. You can see Scoopy here second from the left, in the front row facing the Gulf of Mexico. It was a good learning experience, both the first and last time we traveled with a caravan!

We visited Mexico again in 2006, traveling down the west coast - but had returned to the U.S. by this time and were on our way to the Palm Springs area. I took this photo on a hike to a palm oasis near there.

This time last year, we were in Mexico again - a great place to enjoy winter warmth. These are Amapa trees, in full bloom on the road through the mountains to Alamos. one of our favorite towns (so far).

Looking at these photos gives me the ITCH!

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  1. I had to laugh about dusting the inside of the oven!! I do it all the time, thought I was the only one in world that did that. I can attest to the problem of dust constantly. We bought an air thingy from Sharper Image suppose to clean the air and hoping that would cut down on the dust- no such luck- save your money.
    Travel safe and look forward to your next blog update....