Friday, February 15, 2008


Last night's weather report indicated a 60% chance of rain, so Odel stowed the items we had deployed outdoors: mats, chairs, and Luna's security hut. As we snuggled in bed in the early morning hours listening to the rain, we felt warm, dry, and prepared.

We weren't at all prepared for the sight outside our windshield when we got up! What had been hardpacked clay with a covering of dust when we went to bed had turned to a sticky, sucking, mud swamp.

Though we had planned to relax, eat breakfast, take a walk, and say goodbye to friends, a speedy departure ahead of any more rain became our number one objective.

Preparing for departure usually involves several trips in-and-out for both of us, but these conditions required special planning. We agreed that I would stay inside until Scoopy reached the safety of asphalt, and discussed the safest route through the mire. Odel put dry shoes and socks next to the door, put on his sandals, and stepped outside to begin the outdoor departure routine.

What a mess! Not only did he sink an inch into the mud, but the sticky stuff built up on the bottom of his sandals with every step - except for those where his feet tried to slip out from under him. While I brought up the jacks and brought in the slides, he unhooked and stowed the heavy 50 amp electrical cord, then waded across the road to the Jeep.

My mission was to pilot Scoopy through the mud and the puddles WITHOUT STOPPING. We had already seen a pickup truck spin it's wheels as it tried to pull a big 5th wheel trailer towards the gate - we didn't want to risk getting stuck if I had to stop and restart in the mud. With Odel and Jules out in front, we proceeded at a slow and stately pace. No problems at all, but I held my breath until I rolled Scoopy up onto the pavement.

Now we are back in Tucson as Justin's Diamond J RV Park, staying for at least a week. The roads in the park are paved and the sites graveled, so mud is at a minimum. Local news is reporting a winter storm warning until tomorrow, with the possibility of snow as low at 2,600 ft! We're happy to be in place here with full hookups and a fabulous view of the mountains out our front window.

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  1. ohhhhh -- we need some of that mud for the oven!!!! teeeee heeee We don't have that kind of soil here -- it's all sand and rock! We were sure thinking about you, and we're glad you are safe and sound in Tucson!!!!

    Paws & Hooves